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Thread: HD 7690M XT freezes and displays artifacts while gaming

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    HD 7690M XT freezes and displays artifacts while gaming

    I have been using an Hp Pavilion dv6-6c80 and it is having a AMD Radeon HD 7690M XT. Everything was working fine so far and I was playing Battlefield 3 without any issues but I donít know what went wrong with it suddenly today and it started freezing and displaying artifacts after playing the game for some times. I have checked about the same and have found a number of people having same issues with Hp Pavilion dv6-6c80 having AMD Radeon HD 7690M XT. It seems to be a common issue. Some people had mentioned that they were able to solve out the issue by updating the graphic card drivers, so I did the same and things were appearing to be working fine. Later when I played the game again I found the system to be displaying artifacts after some times as usual. I am still not lucky with updating the graphic card driver solution. Is there any other solution that I can try out here before visiting the service center?

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    Re: HD 7690M XT freezes and displays artifacts while gaming

    In that case I just wanted to know the below things so that I can have a better idea of the issue you are facing and will try to help you with the same.
    • Are you having this issue just with Battlefield 3 or you are getting the same response for some other games as well?
    • On what setting you are running the game? Have you tried changing the game setting to see if it is making any difference?
    • Have you tried updating the driver to the latest? Have you made a fresh install of the latest driver or you have just updated it over the old one?
    • Artifacts can also occur due to overheating issue so have you inspected your system for that? You can open the case and play the game and inspect if there is a overheating issue or not.
    • Have you tried updating the bios?

    Just check out these things and let me know the response that you are getting for further help.

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    Re: HD 7690M XT freezes and displays artifacts while gaming

    I am not having this issue with just Battlefield 3 but I have faced the same for other games like GTA 4 as well. I really donít think that there is anything wrong from the game side as I have mentioned that this issue has occurred suddenly and I did not had any such issues while playing the same games before. As far as the setting is concerned I will like to inform you that I have tried out all the possible settings that I could have, I mean I have tried running the game on low/medium/high settings along with the possible resolution but these things are not appearing to be making any difference in my case. I had updated the graphic card driver previously by going in to control option and choosing the update option. Which means that I have not made a fresh installation of the driver right?? Anyways I have not uninstalled the old drivers and have tried installing one of the latest drivers for my graphic card and unfortunately it is not making any difference. I have been using afterburner for inspecting the gpu temp and it is appearing to be fine, the cpu temperature is not suspicious as well. I think that there is something wrong with the driver. I mean that I am not able to get a working driver for it. I have updated the bios as well and it made no effect.

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    Re: HD 7690M XT freezes and displays artifacts while gaming

    This issue seems to with most of the product of Hp Pavilion dv6-6c80 having HD 7690M XT. Even I am amongst the one facing this issue. I have been looking out after a solution for this issue in other forums as well and have found many users complaining about the same. Some have solved out the issue by updating to some specific drivers where as some have simply claimed rma and have got a new one. I have kept that as my last option and I am still looking for some workaround to fix this. In my case I have tried out the below things:
    • Updating the graphic card driver to the latest
    • Updating the bios
    • Formatting the hard drive and making a fresh installation of windows
    • Resetting the laptop to Factory Setting

    All these things have made no affect by know, so I just wanted to know if there is anyone who is aware of any other solution that can be tried out further rather than the ones that has been mentioned here for fixing this issue? If yes then please share it here it will be grateful. I also wanted to add that I have contacted the hp support for the same and they have suggested me the same solutions which I have tried out by going through some forums where people have mentioned similar issue. The above first two were the solutions that were suggested to me by the hp support which is just not working out.

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    Re: HD 7690M XT freezes and displays artifacts while gaming

    I think that I can help you guys here. Actually even I have come across another owner of Hp Pavilion dv6-6c80 with HD 7690M XT and he was going through the same problem and was able to solve out the issue by doing the following things.
    • Update graphic card driver to catalyst drivers to 12.3 from ati's website.
    • Update the BIOS to F16 or higher from hp website
    • Disable "PowerPlay" feature under catalyst

    I am not that sure about this as I have not tried out the same myself but if you want then you both can give it a try and see if it is actually helping you out with or not. If not then there might be something wrong with the graphic card, so as suggested you will have to visit the service center for the repair.

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