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Thread: Switch to Radeon HD 6470M on Pavilion G6-1180SP instead of onboard intel graphics

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    Switch to Radeon HD 6470M on Pavilion G6-1180SP instead of onboard intel graphics

    I own a HP Pavilion G6-118SP notebook. I didnít buy it actually. My company gave it to me for using. I donít know lot about this laptop. I just know about the specs it contains. While reading a review about this laptop I have found that it contains a switchable graphics. I read an article defining what actually a switchable Graphics is. I came to know that it is possible to switch between 2 different graphics processor I have whenever I want and depending the type of performance I need. I think that it is very useful now for me. I have installed Windows 7 64bit on it. The Graphic card is Radeon HD 6470M. I really need this card enabled all the time since I play lot of games and watch movies much. I thought that disabling integrated graphics could give a bit of more battery backup. It would be good for power saving also. I wanted to switch the graphics but I couldnít able to do this. Also there is no AMD Catalyst center available to do it. How can I switch it?

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    Re: Switch to Radeon HD 6470M on Pavilion G6-1180SP instead of onboard intel graphics

    Switching of Graphics is completely depends on the property of an Intel driver. For more information you have to visit the Intel website where you will get the most information about this technology and how it is compatible with the chipsets as well as processor. The switchable graphics so far only implemented in laptops and notebooks. With this you can really improve the batter life. Only few of the Intel family chipsets and Graphics controller supports this capability. But the only a laptop manufacturer can enable this feature. Mostly this features needs a unique and special support in BIOS. Look into the BIOS and if there is a switchable graphics setting or mode, you can definitely use it otherwise you cannot. Some laptops come with hardware switch but some comes with special software inside the Windows with which you can switch the controllers back and forth. Some laptops do it automatically depending on the laptop performance mode or power mode.

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    Re: Switch to Radeon HD 6470M on Pavilion G6-1180SP instead of onboard intel graphics

    In order to switch Graphics in HP pavilion laptop, you have to set it in dynamic mode and then only you can choose IGP or GPU. But there is a problem with some models since they wonít work well with openGL apps or games even in high performance mode. But if it is Fixed mode, you can change it manually but opengl programs only run in High performance mode. So it depends on you like what you set and what you prefer to use the most. If you donít use much opengl apps/games, you can set IGP otherwise use the GPU(AMD). While you set the GPU, laptop has to be in fixed mode.

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