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Thread: How to claim warranty without receipt on Dell laptop?

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    How to claim warranty without receipt on Dell laptop?

    Well I purchased a Dell laptop about 6 months ago. From last couple of weeks it started giving me some problems. Hence i thought to get repaired but I lost the purchase receipt that i got while purchasing the same. So I am bit worried without having any receipt how I can claim for the service warranty?

    I donít want to loose my warranty in any way. Can you give me any hint on said topic? Any help will be appreciated.

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    Re: How to claim warranty without receipt on Dell laptop?

    From where you purchased the Dell computer? in case it was an online store then you might be in problem. since there are number of online stores on the internet which are not doing things as per requirement. I would recommend to contact the main office of online store and see whether they can help you out.

    If they are not able to help you out I would say directly contact Dell and ask them that you are getting an issue with system, repair it by using service warranty. Tell them also, that you are not having receipt however product is still under warranty. If I am not wrong they used to maintain a database which is used to keep a track of the product that are purchased by the users. Let me know if either solution works for you.

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    Re: How to claim warranty without receipt on Dell laptop?

    We all are aware of that, all products that are manufactured by Dell are having different warranty period. People who are purchasing product from online shopping cart should know that whenever you purchase from there, they are having own terms and conditions regarding the same. So there should be a provision for warranty thing as well.

    FYI get into BIOS and look out for the service tag. Another thing which I wanted tell you over here, checkout if there is any sticker on the device, it should be system id number. Go to official Dell website and enter system ID over there, see whether it gives any useful information to you. even there could be barcode sticker on the device which you can try as well.

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