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Thread: How to clean black spots or dust inside the iMac 27inch display

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    How to clean black spots or dust inside the iMac 27inch display

    May be, I am too careless that I didnít put any cover or something on my iMac 27". After a few months of use, I found that it is having dust on that and I tried to clean that with a cloth. Dust from the top of the screen can be cleaned easily but I can see that there are also dust inside the screen that I canít clean. It is too much at the edges of the display. Now it is making my working experience on iMac too bad and I want to clean that somehow. I donít know if the upper screen of the iMac can be removed to clean the dust from it, so I am posting here to have some suggestion from you people. Can somebody tell me any possible way to clean that? Thank you.

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    Re: How to clean black spots or dust inside the iMac 27inch display

    It is very important to clean the any computer desktop weekly or on every 10 days interval. But in case, if you are having the iMac, that has the glass in front of the display, then you must not try to clean it yourself. Yes, that is kind of risky to do that. This is because, to clean that kind of the screen, you will need to have some special set. Anyways, if you have dust in the monitor then you can simply take that to some local apple service center and because they are specialized in such issue, they will clean it pretty easily.

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    Re: How to clean black spots or dust inside the iMac 27inch display

    It is very easy to clean the iMac monitor. It will take some time to clean that but it is really worthit. I am posting step by step instructions to do that and hope it will be helpful to you.
    1. First of all, disconnect your iMac from the power supply.
    2. Now, you will have to take out the glass from the monitor and for that you must unscrew 10 torx screws with which it is fitted on the display.
    3. Put the iMac on some flat surface so that the display is facing upward.
    4. You will see, there are 8 screws which are put to hold the frame with the panel. Remove them all and keep that aside. All the screws are with different size, so remember that which screw will go at which place. After this, proceed with the next steps very carefully.
    5. Now place that in the normal position so that its display is facing you. There will be total 3 spots for pry to open. You will get that after pealing the metal tape from the top. If you look under the frame from sides then you will find two more over there.
    6. Just takeout the metal tape from the corner and then only those pry opening places for the frame.
    7. When you pull out the black tape then you will get the pry spot. To remove the black tape, put the monitor at a side, so that display of that is facing towards down. Look under the cushions and you will get two more out there. Remove them all.
    8. You will see some glued metal tape which are used to attach the panel and the frame. Now, you must cut that softly so that it looses the panel.
    9. After that you will get some prying places again. Open that from all the sides by keeping that in the vertical position. Now remove the frame, after that, you will find some connections between display glass to logic board. Donít touch that connection. Now from the board, you have to unlock tin plate. You will get four screws there and you will be able to take them out with no problem.
    10. Now you can put the panel at a side that it is facing upward. It is now very easy to clean the dust from inside of the monitor. You can make use of some soft cloth and clean the dust gently.
    11. Once you are completed with cleaning then screw all the connections properly and you are done with that.

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