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Thread: Nokia browser stopped working on Nokia Asha 303

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    Nokia browser stopped working on Nokia Asha 303

    From the past one week I am using Nokia Asha 303. I got this phone as my birthday gift. All the features were working fine on this phone. I was able to browser internet either over wifi connection or 3G connection. I mostly use the Nokia browser for all reasons. I didnít install any third party browser yet like opera or UC browser. Today morning also I went to browse Facebook on my phone. The browser opened and I put the URL to load the page. The page started loading but then it suddenly froze and phone automatically get restarted. Once it gets to the Home screen, I again tried to re-launch the browser but it didnít open. It stopped working completely.

    To check it, I installed the Opera mini. It worked fine and working properly. I donít want to rely on this browser much because I like to browse on Nokia browser only. How can I get this work again?

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    Re: Nokia browser stopped working on Nokia Asha 303

    Did you try updating the web browser manually?

    On OVI store, there is a new version of Nokia browser available to download and it is for free. If you are still using the stock installed web browser, you can replace it with a new one. But if you already have the latest version browser, you could try re-installing it once again. This will work.

    To do this, first of all open the OVI store app and sign in using your account details. Once in, search for Nokia browser. Make sure that you have valid data plan activated on your phone or a wifi connection. Otherwise it data usage will cost you more. Once you find the Nokia browser, click on download. The file will be downloaded first and after completion it will automatically start the installation. At the beginning it will ask for where to install. Choose phone memory and next time it will ask for replace with older version. Click yes and browser will be installed automatically. Once installed, close the ovi store app and restart the phone. Then open the browser. I hope that it will work now.

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    Re: Nokia browser stopped working on Nokia Asha 303

    You can browser on opera Mini. So the problem is not about the connectivity like WLAN or 3G. It looks like the browser app files get corrupted or simply stuck at open. Some other application might be preventing the browser to open. A mobile antivirus always scans for links and traffic moving. The link will be scanned for spam check and other malicious link and traffic will be scanned for excessive and unknown type of data. The antivirus program will block the browser from opening and connecting to internet when it find something wrong and it puts the application on black list thus for future prevention. As far as the browser is on black list or blocked app list, it will longer able to launch and connect to the internet. So you have to manually move the browser to trusted list of antivirus app. Then only you can open and browse through it.

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    Re: Nokia browser stopped working on Nokia Asha 303

    I would like to ask you something if you dont mind:
    1. Did you try the soft reset method?
    2. Did you try the Hard reset or reflashing the firmware?
    3. Did you try the firmware update if one available for Asha 303?

    Before trying the above things I have one last solution and I hope that it might work. What you have to do is to install Nokia suite software on your computer and then connect the phone via USB cable. Launch the Suite and for the first time it will ask for you to add new phone. Go through the setup process as shown in the screen. Once the phone is completely detected and all necessary drivers get installed both on phone side and system side, it will open the Nokia Suite with your phone connected. You can also connect the phone using Bluetooth. There will be a green arrow indicating new updates available. It will be shown only when your computer has connected to internet. Click on it and it will re-install all default apps updates. It may also include the Nokia browser. Once the update will complete, the arrow will turn to blue

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