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Thread: Fonts not proper on Blackberry Torch 9800

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    Fonts not proper on Blackberry Torch 9800

    I am blackberry guy and I am using Blackberry Torch 9800. From last few days I am facing font smoothing problem on my smartphone. I was just checking my font size and it was 9 at that time then just for curiosity I changed the font size to 5 because I wanted to know how it will look in small font.

    After changing my font size the smoothing of my font goes off. I was trying to fix this problem but I didnít get any solution for this. If anyone knows the solutions please reply.

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    Re: Fonts not proper on Blackberry Torch 9800

    I also had same problem couple of week ago. This problem occurred when I was changing my font size. Whenever i tried to change my font size, it’s started getting more pixel rate and smoothing of font was not good. So I was trying to solve my problem. One of my friend was having Blackberry Bold I took his phone and switch my Torch back to his Bold’s back. Then with Torch i did security wipe and With Bold I did device switch. After doing this my fonts came back to normal. This is very lengthy procedure to solve the smoothing font issue. But this trick work for me and I am very happy that my font back to normal.

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