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Thread: Text won't be sent as an iMessage in iphone 4

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    Text won't be sent as an iMessage in iphone 4

    I had bought iPhone 4 running on ios 5. Everyone knows that it has many new features like siri and all. I was exploring all features one by one. Finally I came across the iMessages I. tried to send message to my friend using iMessages but it wasnít sent at all. I tried first over 3G connections and it failed. Next time I tried using wifi connection by connecting my ipad to it. This time also the same issue. It seems like the iMessage is not at all functional. Is there any kind of activation which I need to perform on my side or the network provider side to start iMessages service on iphone 4?

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    Re: Text won't be sent as an iMessage in iphone 4

    Yes, there is a setup process which you need to accomplish in order to send or receive iMessages from your iphone 4. The setup process is very simple and straightforward. It is same on all iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch which has iMessages included in it. To start with:
    • Go to Settings> Messages
    • Switch ON/OFF switch to ON near the iMessageí
    • Now iMessage will automatically receive your phone number and Apple ID (as you are an iPhone user). Otherwise you can enter them manually. Make sure that the Apple ID is same which you use for iTunes and Apple Store. If you donít have yet, you have to create it to start iMessages service and for other features to get.
    • You can also apply alternative Email at iMessage
    • Now only you can send iMessages between all iOS 5 devices.

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    Re: Text won't be sent as an iMessage in iphone 4

    Actually the problem is not due to incorrect setup. In Iphone 4, when you turn on iMessages, everything will be configured automatically. But here I assume that problem is different. He is telling that he cannot send or receive messages. It seems like there is any built in major bug in this app. But some users successfully managed to fix issue by changing the DNS settings. To change it:
    1. Go to Settings> Wi-Fi
    2. Tap the Blue arrow next to the wifi network name
    3. Choose “DNS” field and put the DNS servers; (which is a Google’s Public DNS).

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    Re: Text won't be sent as an iMessage in iphone 4

    I know that iMessage is a good messaging app provided by Apple for ios 5 devices. There are many features in it but also a few limitations. If you want to your message to be received on all other connected devices, you have to distribute the Apple ID email address to all those devices. Whenever someone send a message to only a phone number, you will get that message only one your iphone 4 but not all devices. But if the message received over Apple ID address, it will available on all ios devices which you own.

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    Re: Text won't be sent as an iMessage in iphone 4

    I really like the iMessage app because it is one of the cheapest an easiest option to send messages from any ios 5 devices to any ios 5 device. The iMessage uses GPRS / EDGE / WiFi data connection to send and receive messages. So it is basically free and you donít need to activate SMS pack from the carrier on your SIM. Even there is no special SMS plan or Data plan specially meant for iMessage. It works on normal connection. If there is a problem with the app, check for the following:
    • When you are using GPRS/EDGE, disable the wifi internet connection. While both enabled, iMessage could not able to detect the right connection needed.
    • Make sure the DNS settings are properly set.
    • Change the phone settings to its default and restart the phone to restart the iMessage setting once again. (Make sure that Reset All settings option will reset each one setting on your iphone 4 to its default and so you have to start configuring every settings from scratch but it wonít affect the data stored on your phone).

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