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Thread: How to scan QR code with nokia mobile phone

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    How to scan QR code with nokia mobile phone

    Whenever I need to download some applications for mobile from some website, I have to scan QR code. After scanning and proper authentication only I can download and install the app. I have see this technology in many websites which provides free mobile applications or games either it may be for ios, Android or Symbian. Android and ios have Bard code or QR code application reader which will scan the code using Camera and reads automatically but how can I scan the QR code using any Nokia phone?
    In Some newspapers I also see that QR code printed below the advertisement or introduction of certain apps or games. Is it possible to scan the QR code from there also using my Nokia phone?

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    Re: How to scan QR code with nokia mobile phone

    AS far as I know that most of the latest Nokia smartphone are compatible to read QR-Code and some of them have the best QR-Code readers. You may not get the stock application loaded in Nokia phone to read QR code but you can easily get a compatible app from the OVI store depending on the model. At report says that more than 50 Different Nokia phones are capable to read QR-Code using QR-Code reader. One more fact is Nokia is the first to implement QR-Code software which can interpret this technology as a scanner. Still this software is no successfully or widely used due to some limitations.

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    Re: How to scan QR code with nokia mobile phone

    There are many QR code scanning apps available for Nokia phones but some of them still not able to read QR code successfully. Some QR complex codes cannot be scanned by such third party apps and from some phones. Some latest Nokia phones have inbuilt feature of scanning QR-core through the camera and you donít need to install any additional app. But some doesnít and for which you need to visit the Nokia website or ovi store to download one. Search for 'Barcode reader' or QR code reader and you will get a few. You can also download and install one of them using Nokia PC Suite while connecting phone to it. AS for Nokia phones, the compatible models are Nokia N80, N93, N93i, N95 and E90. I assume that newer phones which will be going to release soon like Windows phone 7 would have a better QR capturing app.

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