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Thread: How to set Landscape Keyboard mode only in iPhone 4

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    How to set Landscape Keyboard mode only in iPhone 4

    I am having particular query to ask about iPhone 4. Can I use landscape mode of the keyboard? Right now I am using portrait mode only. I already searched on Google to get relevant information but no joy to me. If you know anything then let me know as early as possible. Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Re: How to set Landscape Keyboard mode only in iPhone 4

    Looking at the situation I am suggesting following solution that you can try. Checkout that Portrait Orientation Lock is displayed on top of the iPhone. In case it is displayed that implies Landscape mode will not show on the screen. Press Home button couple of times.

    Simply flick the fingers on the screen from left to right direction at the bottom, until and unless Portrait Orientation Lock icon is not displayed. In order to disable the same Tap on that particular icon. It will turn into circular arrow without having any lock into the same. Once you had done it Portrait Orientation Lock will not displayed on status bar. Now launch any application that allow you to type something like email client. To launch keyboard tap on Compose icon. Once keyboard is displayed on the screen simply rotate the device to 90degrees. It would simply switch keyboard to landscape mode, to get into portrait mode simply hold iphone vertically.

    I wanted tell you that iPhone has built-in accelerometer. This particular device enables iPhone to figure out how it is being hold by a user. It also allows the user to get best experience several situation. In my opinion portrait mode is good while browsing particularly scrolling webpage. However users seems to get issue while reading or typing something in this particular mode.

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    Re: How to set Landscape Keyboard mode only in iPhone 4

    In my opinion there should be several situation where automatic switching of Landscape mode would not work at all. Even you can get said functionality by using third party applications if you are having jail broken device. You can use apps such as iNoRotate and Rotation Inhibitor. It will allow you to configure behavior of application whether it should be worked on landscape mode or not. You can get those applications from Cydia store.

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