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Thread: How to sync MS Outlook calendar to iPhone 4 via iTunes

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    How to sync MS Outlook calendar to iPhone 4 via iTunes

    I am having an iPhone 4 with me and I am synchronizing notes, contacts and other details from my Microsoft Outlook. I am using Microsoft office 2003 on my computer which has Windows 7 as its operating system. For synchronizing my iPhone 4 with my details on Microsoft Outlook, I am using iTunes. Till now everything was fine and was properly synchronizing with my iPhone4 until I noticed that Microsoft Outlook’s calendar and its detail were not being synchronized. I again tried synchronizing, but again the synchronization of Microsoft Outlook calendar failed. I have tried various methods only to meet failure. No other problem in synchronization is noticed except for the one I mentioned. No error message or warning is given. Can someone tell me what the problem can be and how should I solve it?

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    Re: How to sync MS Outlook calendar to iPhone 4 via iTunes

    The first thing that I would suggest you to do in this case is to try synchronization with a fresh start. Try resetting the synchronization history and disable or uninstall all the add-ons that you have added to Microsoft Outlook. Disable all the third party add-ons for Microsoft Outlook especially. Try synchronizing again. If it iTunes fails to synchronize the Microsoft Outlook calendar again in this try, then I suggest you to uninstall iTunes app and re-install it again. I know that many people think that uninstalling iTunes will lead to loss of data they have kept, but let me tell you it won’t happen so.

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    Re: How to sync MS Outlook calendar to iPhone 4 via iTunes

    I can’t tell you why the Microsoft Outlook’s calendar is not being synchronized with your iPhone 4, but I can tell you the proper steps that you need to follow. See if you are missing out any of them.
    1. Connect you iPhone 4 to your computer which will initialize the iTunes application in your computer.
    2. In iTunes, you will need to redirect it to device that you are using. Under devices select iPhone 4 and then click on the information tab.
    3. There you will find a tab by name ‘Calendars’, there you will need to select the software by clicking on ‘Sync calendars from’ for selecting the calendar you need to synchronize with. In your case, you will need to select Microsoft Outlook 2003. You can also click ‘All calendars’ and it will synchronize your iPhone 4 with calendars of all software's in your computer. This might take time thus it is preferred to select specific calendar.
    4. Once done, click on ‘Apply’ and wait for synchronization to take place.

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