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Thread: Viber cannot access Push Notification Token on iPhone 3G

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    Viber cannot access Push Notification Token on iPhone 3G

    Now seems like this Viber application is not at all being compatible with my iPhone 3G. Actually everything started from the time I reset my iPhone and removed everything including this application. All happened co-incidentally, last night I was in an intention of deactivation my account on viber but unfortunately donít know for what reason I lost the data connection and it actually went off completely. Everything was back at its place only after I reset my iPhone completely (obviously I lost everything). I reinstalled all the necessary software and application that were existing into my phone including viber without any trouble. But the main issue arises during the time of accessing viber app. The app is unable to simply access the push notification token. I have thoroughly checked all the things that make this app work properly including the badges (itís ON). Other app are running well and fine but the trouble is only with this individual app, maybe the app settings could be one of the reason. There could be possibility that I missed certain options of this app that are needed to be turned ON or OFF but I truly do not have any ideas which option they could be. Please help me out with correcting the setting if thereís any mistake or else at least let me know what exactly went wrong that is causing such problem. Expecting a quick reply and hoping a lot here.

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    re: Viber cannot access Push Notification Token on iPhone 3G

    I think the Viber Media note that I came across will surely help you out in letting you know certain necessary information. According to Viber Media official note, currently iPhone 3G has no ability of supporting this app. I know you must have read about their compatibility on internet or somewhere but the fact is that it actually doesnít support the app. At many unofficial website including the Viber official site I have read that the app supports iPhone 3G and above versions and just because of this reason iPhone 3G users go for this app confidently. Now there are two suggestions that could be provided to you. First if you are not in hurry you can simply wait for Viber developers to come up with a proper compatible version. Or the other thing that you could do is try out the upcoming Viber 2.1.3 version which might very well support your device but remember that there way long time to go for the release of this version. All these information were found from the Viber official site.

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    re: Viber cannot access Push Notification Token on iPhone 3G

    Mostly such problems are encountered when the iPhone is jailbroken. There are people who are facing problem with their Viber push notification and unfortunately that includes me. Anyways I am a good researcher and however I managed to get a proper reason for this issue. Found jailbreak as the main cause of everything. What happens is that this jailbreaker un-wantedly mess up with the viber Push Notification mostly in iPhone 3G causing the Notification not to work properly and restrict the access to the user. I am not sure but I learned from many sources that thereís a utility that could somehow fix the issue, if not mistaken then I think the name is Push Doctor. I didnít give it a try yet as this solution has until now not been declared as an official solution by Viber Media. If you want you can give it a try, search for Push Doctor and use it for resolving your problem. Other than this the only official solution until now has been provided is Viber 2.1.3 as already mentioned above but it might take long time to come up in the market. No regrets I might wait for it and try 2.1.3 as soon as it will release.

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    re: Viber cannot access Push Notification Token on iPhone 3G

    As far as I know jailbroken is not the exact cause of the problem because I too have an iPhone 3G and mine is definitely not jailbroken but even then I am facing the same problem, always I am told to enable my push notification even if its enabled. I was really fed up of this situation the problem became uglier as the days passed on as I wasnít able to find a person who could help me out of this trouble. So therefore I decided to try my hands on it and guess what? I got the problem fixed by myself! Firstly I tried updating the things just to see whether it makes any difference or not then later on I tried something big. I managed to close the Viber application by simply holding the top button and then I hold the home button and everything resolved. I am out of this weird issue without putting up access of energy and affords. This type of application closing is called as force quit. I am not sure for how many people this might work but I am sure that giving it a try wonít harm you anyhow so please try it out and let me know whether you are amongst those luckiest guys who got rid of this problem like me. Try it.

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    re: Viber cannot access Push Notification Token on iPhone 3G

    I have got another better solution for you all. Actually I got it on web while search for the same when I had this issue and therefore I decided to note it down and help out those facing such notification issue in future but I never thought that this solution might come up in use so early. Anyways you need not have to do much just follow the steps and try to access the application again if possible. Steps:
    • First of all go to the Settings option of the App and the click on WiFi connection. Once you are into it you might find that the network that you have selected is already selected. Now what you need to do is simply click on a white arrow that is placed to the selected networkís right side.
    • Now Tap on DNS and now make sure that you edit the given information, replace them with the following:,
    • Its more suggested for you to visit a website but make sure that you try it with Safari and check whether its working or not.
    • Now register iMessage and FaceTime, thatís it. I guess you are done with the steps and now let me know whether its working for your or not.

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