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Thread: Opera Mobile 12 stuttering in devices with Android 4.0.3

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    Opera Mobile 12 stuttering in devices with Android 4.0.3

    I am using Samsung Galaxy Y and I have tried installing Opera Mobile 12 on the same and I have found it stuttering. I have found that the screen just acts like it has been frozen and does not respond to the input and I have to reboot the phone to get it working. I am here also using other browsers as well but I am not having any such issues with it. It is only with Opera Mobile, I have tried out the below versions of opera and I am getting the same response from them.
    • Opera Mobile 11.5.3
    • Opera Mobile 11.5.4
    • Opera Mobile 11.5.5
    • Opera Mobile 12

    I have used Opera Mobile 11.5.3 on other phones and I had not faced the same issue there, it seems that this issue is with android devices, I have checked about the same and have found many people complaining regarding the opera in their android devices.

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    Re: Opera Mobile 12 stuttering in devices with Android 4.0.3

    Yes I have been facing the same on Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. I have not tested out all the version that has been listed above but I have used Opera Mobile 11.5.4 and Opera Mobile 12 and have faced the same stuttering issue there. I have found that it is taking more time to load pages than any other browser that I am using, the uc browser is just running fine. Sometime it just loads the page white even after taking about 2 minutes. Currently I have stopped using opera but I will like to know if anyone finds out a solution for fixing this, some people have mentioned that 12.0.1 has fixed out the issue for them but it did not for me. If you want then you can cross check it and find out the same. Like you I have used opera in Samsung phones previously which were not running on android and I really did not had any such issues, it used to take less time to load the page and the scrolling was good as well but now the scrolling was appearing to be horrible and it was taking too much time to load the pages. I think that there is some kind of compatibility issue with the android devices and needs to be fixed from opera’s end, if anyone gets any update regarding this then please share it here, it will be helpful.

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