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Thread: After using wifi connection on iPhone 4s, 3G connections disappears

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    After using wifi connection on iPhone 4s, 3G connections disappears

    This problem seems to be having crossed 4 to 6 months but still thereís not even a single appropriate solution for the same. As I have already mentioned above in the thread my problem is exactly the same with some extra additional symptoms. I do have a WiFi connection existing at my place, I do not turn it on all the time rather I just use it whenever required or necessary on my iPhone 4s. No issues with the wifi connection, it works great without any interruption but the problem is with my iPhone I guess. Whenever I connect my iPhone to the wifi connection at my place it works fine, until I am out of wifi range it does not switch to 3G. Donít know for what reason my phone do not automatically switch or changes to 3G connection as it does with other iPhone that my friend have. Anyways if its not showing a 3G connection then its fine but you know it directly states me with message that there is no internet connection. However I you can easily make it out, restarting the phone resolve the issue without breaking the head. This means that I just have to turn off my iPhone always I when I go out of my home, then restart it again and then the 3G connection is ready and available in my phone.

    This is not a solution or a fix. I donít think I have yet able to find a proper working solution for this problem as the 3G connection doesnít turns on automatically all the time I am out of the wifi range. I would really appreciate any help from your side.

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    Re: After using wifi connection on iPhone 4s, 3G connections disappears

    You need not have to worry, I guess you are at the right place and I am sure you can get exactly what you are looking out for. If not others then at least I can help you with a work around exactly for the problem that you have explained here. I went through this problem for more than a year without getting a proper solution. Tried all the possible things, searched on internet, posted on several related forums and also checked certain forums but didnít find anything then I also contacted the support center and as expected they didnít helped me out at all. Then ultimately I decided to try few R&D by my own, in fact I started doing it and guess what? I end up getting a solution for this issue. According to my research what I have found is that we can easily get our connection back just by setting the Flight Mode on iPhone. Make sure that you set it to ON only for few seconds, not more than 5 to 6 seconds. Once your turn ON the flight mode just turn it off again and check the 3G connection, you might find that your 3G connection is back just after that without trying out anything else. So its better you go with the solution that I have mentioned and save your time.

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    Re: After using wifi connection on iPhone 4s, 3G connections disappears

    I seriously donít have any idea whether this trick will help you out or not but as it was suggested to me by the Apple Customer Care I do believe that it might surely work for you. My iPhone is brand new (I purchased it last month) and it started showing the same problem that is occurring in your iPhone 4s. I am really fed of this problem, at least you got a trick of activating your 3G connection but in my iPhone 4s nothing works. Rebooting the phone, then turning on and off the flight mode and etc does not work at all. Getting tired of all the non-working suggestion I simply called up the Apple support center few days ago and they suggested me that I will have to take the back up and the reset the iPhone completely. Obviously by doing this your iPhone will become completely new and fresh and also eliminate certain issues. I think this option also wonít work in my iPhone. Overall the phone is completely new and empty therefore I donít think that resetting the phone is going to help me out. Hence I didnít try it until now with my phone but I would surely suggest you to try it out with your phone.

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    Re: After using wifi connection on iPhone 4s, 3G connections disappears

    I really appreciate the reset option but there is one more thing that you can try. First of all, I am one amongst you who is getting the same trouble with my iPhone 4S, my phone is just few weeks old and started facing this problem from the second day onwards. I know that Switching off the phone and then turning it on does get the 3G connection back and also the flight mode trick works perfectly without any problem. Currently I just prefer the flight mode as long as possible but I am literally not satisfied with trick and therefore I am looking into some other trick that would fix the problem forever. Simply in search of a proper solution I keep on trying all the suggestion that is always suggested to me. Here are few of them that I tried and havenít got a successful result.

    I have already tried restoring the phone from backup, and then restored the phone as a brand new handset. When nothing worked I installed iOS 5.0.1 believing that the OS might be the main cause of this problem but that showed the same situation. All in all I have also replaced the device and guess what even this replaced device is working the same as the previous one showing problem of missing 3G connection. Now I am sure all the Appleís iPhone 4s are manufactured with the same problem. I donít know whether the apple support center have really helped other or not but when I contacted them they were completely clueless about the issue and also the Genius Bar employee were having no idea about the same. Nobody knows what exactly is causing the problem.

    Anyways recently I have again provided with a suggestion, they say that sometimes even trying out some other providers SIM does make a difference. However I will try it out soon as possible and let you know whether it works or not. Must be the problem is due to some sort of conflict between the OS that is installed into my phone and the setup of the existing providers SIM.

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    Re: After using wifi connection on iPhone 4s, 3G connections disappears

    Thereís good news for you all and especially for me because I have got to taste the essence of success. My problem has been has been resolved. I managed to get a proper solution for the problem through the service provider. Actually in my case the main reason for the problem was the data plan that was disabled without my knowledge. Just because of the data plan was disabled whenever my iPhone use to go over the wifi connection that used to present at certain location the device always use to fail to connect to the server as it never found a server beyond the wifi range. Wifi was working great but going beyond the wifi range use to turn off the internet connect due to missing data plan. And however after turning on the data plan now I am able to automatically connect to 3G connection without doing anything on my phone. I am not sure about your situation with regards to the data plan, it would be much better if you check out the data plan into your phone and make sure whether it is enabled or disabled.

    I think the statement that the above guy stated regarding the replaced phone behaving the same must be true but that doesnít mean that it is applicable for all the other Apple iPhone 4s. Sometimes it happens that unfortunately the person facing certain problem even after replacing his models ends up getting the same issue which either takes all his faith from the brand or makes him believe that all the devices of the brand are facing the same problem.
    Another thing I would like to mention here is that turning On the Cellular Data might help in some way. What you need to do is just go to settings then go to Network and then you might get the Cellular Data option, just select ON and thatís it your Cellular Data is now on. Just try it out and let me know what happens as I am not at all aware of this trick.

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