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Thread: Only 1305 mAh battery in Sony Xperia P

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    Only 1305 mAh battery in Sony Xperia P

    I have purchased a new Sony Xperia P recently, before buying phone I truly checked out all the specification of this phone from top to bottom but unfortunately I think I missed out to check the batter range of this smartphone which later on proved shocking. I wasn’t aware that this smartphone have come up with a 1305 mAh battery. This is ridiculous, how come such a great phone by sony can come up with less power and capacity. Initially when I bought this phone I inspected all its internal features concerning very much about the Android Gingerbread OS that was installed into it. Also I verified its camera quality and resolution, Display, Body and also other physical appearance of this phone but however failed to know about its battery and quickly with a great excitement purchased. When I read the cover box of the package I found that this phone has only 1305 mAh batter which if you compare with other Xperia Smartphone is quite less. I am still unable to believe this thing. I am hoping there that should be at least some kind of technical limitation that would overcome this less battery capacity property. Is there any such limitation that I am really not at all aware of? Please let me know and help me out with this thing.

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    Re: Only 1305 mAh battery in Sony Xperia P

    There’s nothing wrong with whatever you have heard. It’s a fact that Sony Xperia P is being come up with a less battery capacity. The annoying thing is that during this period of time rarely you would find any smartphone that might be having so less batter capacity. In fact if you check out other brand smartphones like HTC Desire, it has 1400 mAh battery.. Most interestingly HTC Desire was released some 1.5 or 2 years ago and now even after 2 years passed away our Sony smartphone are still stuck up with not even 1400 but 1305 mAh batteries, great!

    Are they not willing to walk along with the running world or else they just do not care about anything and do as they feel. At least they should have made the phone with the battery that HTC Desire had i.e. 1400 mAh battery. At the current time fixing a year old released battery is really disgusting. 1305 mAh battery, I don’t even remember the release date and time of this battery. Currently there might be some other low class smartphone that would be having this battery but I guess there are no such low class smartphone present during this phase of time. However I didn’t purchase this phone as I thoroughly research about it and found few more other drawback that were weird and too serious, but however the most serious and annoying drawback was the low quality and quantity battery that was being present in that phone. I am hoping that soon I will be given with an appropriate reason and I will purchase this smartphone. Until then I would love to be happy with my own HTC Desire that is having a very good and impressive high capacity battery at least higher than the Xperia P battery.

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    Re: Only 1305 mAh battery in Sony Xperia P

    You are not the only one with this question. There are number of people who doubt the same thing. Everytime a person go for buying Xperia P smartphone, he checks the specification and then either return empty handed or with some other smartphone just because of 1305 mAh battery. I am one amongst them but I haven’t yet purchased any phone instead I returned empty handed. I would surely buy Xperia P soon but only after doing bit research and getting a proper answer about this battery selection in this phone as already said above. Anyways from past few days I have been searching a lot about this phone on internet and found certain interesting discussion and forum regarding the same. They say that the screen of Xperia P has been improved a lot by getting bigger but on the other hand the battery as expected remained the same. Also somewhere I heard that if we compare this phone with any iPhone version, Xperia P has the higher capacity of long lasting twice more than the iPhone. This is nothing but just because of the higher efficiency of the power of Xperia P. But the question that arises into my mind is still the same. Maybe the existing batter is more efficient but why they have they used such minimum battery and not other advanced one. However it would have proved beneficial to the smartphone and the user itself.

    The phone might last long twice as much as an iPhone would do but I still really doubt in case of heavy usage. However if they would have made use of any other higher battery like 1600 mAh or higher definitely the phone could have last for even longer period of time and would have much and much better than iPhone or any other smartphone. Overall I just need to tell that why Sony is not making the complete use of those advanced and best technologies that are existing at the market.

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    Re: Only 1305 mAh battery in Sony Xperia P

    Ok! I have got the main reason for Sony making use of such smaller battery into this latest Xperia model. Everyone knows that 1305 mAh battery are far smaller than other high range batteries like 1400 or 1500 mAh. Sony as this time suppose to come up with the most slim smartphone that they have ever produced and therefore they came up with Xperia P, now the thing is that obviously while designing the phone they was trying to make xperia P as slim as possible and for that reason they made use of such small battery. As 1305 mAh battery occupies less space and also it helps to make the device look slimmer and small. As I already said 1305 mAh battery is much smaller as compared to others and therefore they did not had any other option but to compromise and settle with this low capacity battery just to make the phone look slim. I highly doubt whether they really make much difference and save enough space that would satisfying reduce the size of the phone. People do get easily impress by the look of the phone but I think the customers are smart enough to know the main motto and reason for such beautiful killing look. They do come across to check out the specification and other features of the phone once they encounter with the first impressive look.

    Anyways I am not sure with the reason that I have specified but if its true then Sony should be ashamed for such thing, better they realize their mistake and try to fix other high capacity batter into the phone no matter if the slimness of the handset is affected by it. Lets see how it goes; until then I wouldn’t buy this phone in any case.

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    Re: Only 1305 mAh battery in Sony Xperia P

    Just Google Xperia P in comparison to any other Xperia model you will be shocked to see the result with respect to the battery quality. All the other Xperia Smartphone models are sharing the best quality and high range battery into them but when it comes to Xperia P as you all know the battery is worst. I myself have seen lot of weird comparison made between these Xperia smartphones. No matter which model you place in front of Xperia P, this phone has bound to face the consequences with respects to the battery. And the most interesting thing is that Xperia P seems to be the best when it comes to other specification comparisons leaving the battery. Undoubtedly this phone is the best when it comes to its screen display, look and other features, in fact it has also been said that the slimness of this phone is the core beauty. There’s no other Xperia model that would stand in comparison of Xperia P with the slimness and beauty. But anyways everyone knows that look and beauty never stands longer they have to go at one point of state and performance is the only thing that always matters and comes into picture during the usage.

    I do have a Xperia S with me and let me tell you that this handset is really great than Xperia P. forget about comparing the Xperia S battery with Xperia P, I have noticed a huge drastic difference between both the phone’s battery. As far as I know the talk time of Xperia S with a single battery charge is quite average but the talk time of Xperia P is really very demanding and poor. There were few more interesting comparisons between Xperia S and Xperia P on internet only with respect to the battery like the standby mode, then the battery capacity, talk time and technology.

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