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Thread: Poor Texting on Samsung Galaxy S2

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    Poor Texting on Samsung Galaxy S2

    Galaxy S2 so far has been the best Android phone from the Samsung. It has all the features which you can find in most of the High end Android smartphone as well as others. It has a glossy 4.3" SUPER AMOLED screen. Dual Core Application Processor is fast enough to run any Android application or games on this phone and even for word processing or similar tasks.

    The only thing that bothers me is about the touch based keypad or keyboard whatever in it. While texting, I could not able to get enough speed out from those keys. It always stuck in the middle and thus making me to press backspace every time . Texting is very poor from this phone. I usually send lot of messages and chat frequently with my friends. So it is necessary to get as much as speed possible.

    What do you feel about touch based texting on Samsung Galaxy S2 ?

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    Re: Poor Texting on Samsung Galaxy S2

    Are you using the stock app keypad or something different?

    I donít think that you will get any problem with stock loaded touchscreen based keypad. Once you get properly familiar with that you donít find it difficult to text. You might be slower at first but slowly you will get speed. You will not make mistake a little while later and you will forget about the backspace option. As for more faster and convenient typing you can make use of the Swype app which is noticeably faster than conventional texting. The recent update has changed it older interface and brought a new look. But for me the new interface has caused so many frustrations,

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    Re: Poor Texting on Samsung Galaxy S2

    For huge amount of texting you always need to get the QWERTY keypad based phone. I mean the phone which contains physical keypad. But some user still find the Virtual keyboards on touch screens as very convenient. From them they are very easy to type. Using touch screen QWERTY keyboard in portrait mode is very complicated and it is not possible for you to type in a progressive speed. For android phones, swyping is the best choice but you have to be little bit familiar with this otherwise it will take a little longer to learn. Use Swype only for important texting like for business related. I know that most users find it very difficult in some strange unnatural key combinations.

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    Re: Poor Texting on Samsung Galaxy S2

    It seems like you have problem with the irresponsive touch screen rather than the virtual keypad. The touchscreen might be not responding properly. Have you attached any screen protector or something over the phone?

    Capacitive screens should perform well. Anyways, as per me iPhone has been the best for for texting. I have also heard good thing about this phone also. I have a HTC Touch Pro 2 and I really love its screen and accurate touch. As an alternative you can get a physical keyboard attachment or something like that. I donít know whether it is available for Galaxy S2 but I have found one for iphone.

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    Re: Poor Texting on Samsung Galaxy S2

    Presently I have tried the iphone texting and the experience was very good due to its predictive engine. I feel that I am texting like a professional because I didnít find many mistakes during the long texting. The mistakes usually happen when you are auto-corrected the wrong way. But I think that it depends on how you set the preferences of the virtual keyboard. Now all market is moving toward all touch screen keyboards. If your phone does have a screen calibration option, do it for few seconds and see how your screen can perform well.

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