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Thread: Kindle S wont connect to Wifi anymore

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    Re: Kindle S wont connect to Wifi anymore

    Thanks for starting this topic friend. Even I have a similar issue with my Kindle. I recently replaced Wired router and got a new Westell DSL Wireless Gateway from ATT. Now all the other device except the kindle is working fine with this router except the kindle. I have put the same network key that I have put for the other device but still it is not working.

    When i tried to contact the Amazon guys for the help on this issue I was told that all the software was up to date on the kindle. So the issue is related to the router setting . And when i contacted AT&T, they said that the problem is with Kindle as all other device working properly with the router. I donít know what to do. Its been a week now.

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    Kindle S wont connect to Wifi anymore

    I really need help on this issue. I was able to connect to the Wi-Fi earlier but now I am not able to connect anymore. I put my password and it say can't connect. I have Kindle Fire too, even that is not able to connect my WiFi anymore though it was working properly earlier. First I thought that would be some problem with my WiFi settings but after testing a few more devices on the same connection I can say that wifi is working properly. As per troubleshooting, i turned off the Wi-Fi & Kindles, restarted it but that is not helping. So the bottom line is my wifi working okay but there is some issue with the Kindle.

    I am really surprised that it was able to connect earlier but now when I try to connect the same, i get an error. Is this related to the router firmware? I contacted the support team and they suggested to update the firmware to see if it works. But the problem is that how can i update the software if I am not able to connect the network? I have the Wi-Fi analyzer in the device and that is showing that Wi-Fi signal is strong.

    Is there anyone here who can help me on this issue ? I will be really appreciating. Thanks in advance

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    Re: Kindle S wont connect to Wifi anymore

    I guess that you need to have the kindle to forget the previous Wi-Fi connections before try connecting it to the WIFI. Why dont you try connecting your kindle with some another WiFi network ? Is there any free open connections present around you. If yes, try to connect and see if that works. If it works, that surely there is some security issue that need to be addressd which required the MAC address of every device before the network will serve it. And if that too dont work, simply reset your kindle and router both to the factory setting. It should work.

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    Re: Kindle S wont connect to Wifi anymore

    I have been with exactly the same problem and here is what I found. The fact is that the kindles made in USA only channels 1 to 11 and if the wireless router that you have use channels 12 or 13 or 14, it may give you such problems. So the solution to this is channel the Wi-Fi router to be in the 1 to 11 range. This is the only way that make the WiFi to work .

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    Re: Kindle S wont connect to Wifi anymore

    In my case i found that my kindle was on the channel 13 using WEP. I was restrict by the MAC address plus I never got round to changing it to the WPA2 . There was no firmware update that I have done in this device. It was just not able to connect. My router is Linksys WRT54GL. I have just told my friend to bring his spare Router to see if I have any incompatibility issue with my Router. I will post the finding later.

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