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Thread: Alternative for iCloud Calendar on Android Phone ?

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    Alternative for iCloud Calendar on Android Phone ?

    I want to get access to the iCloud calendar from my android phone but I donít know that how can I do that. There are some important dates and notes in it and I cannot access it on Android. I tried to find some alternative for that but nothing was found. Any help on the same will be appreciated.

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    Re: Alternative for iCloud Calendar on Android Phone ?

    Hi, I would like to tell you that it is not possible to sync android with icloud. But Android provides you a similar service like this. It is only possible to sync icloud with mac system or with Outlook local Calendar. So I donít think that this is going to possible in any of the ways. Other than this, if we talk about the emails then it is the same in that case as well. Other than the icloud calendar, Mail, all the things is synced via iTunes sync.

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    Re: Alternative for iCloud Calendar on Android Phone ?

    There is a alternative app like iCloud. You can make use of the SmoothSync app. This app is very much user friendly and you will just have to enter the account that you are using and choose the calendar to sync. SmoothSync will sync your calendar in the phone and also will keep you updated. With the help of this calendar you will be able to sync your icloud calender more easily. This will help you to sync with the native calendar app that you are having on your phone. The best part is that it will run in background and will not interrupt you all the times.

    You will get two way sync with this app. It is having support for multiple accounts and its possible to make use of the Multiple calendars for each account. We can sync multiple alarms in it with the Time zone support. If you want then you can also customize the sync interval with the customizable sync range. There are also some limitation in this app. It cannot sync the Attendees. Other than this, it is also not possible to sync the Icloud reminders.

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    Re: Alternative for iCloud Calendar on Android Phone ?

    Now the services offered by icloud are not just being available for the Apple users. Android users can also take the advantage of that with the help of SugarSync which is a good alternative for that. With the SugarSync, you will get the 5 GB of space for free but if you want to have more then you can also take it upto 10 GB with the help of the TrialPay scheme. If this is also not enough for you then you can pay $50 for a year for 30GB.

    Now it is possible for the Android users to synchronize and share files as they want. Whenever there is any change in the calendar from the PC then that will be synchronized by your mobile phone. There are also some missing features of iCloud. You will also be able to share the files and folders with the other people.

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    Re: Alternative for iCloud Calendar on Android Phone ?

    I think that you must install the gSyncit in your phone. Follow the instructions and complete the setup. Start Outlook with the further configuration of gSyncit continue. In Outlook, click on the menu "Add-Ins" and then "Settings". In the "Calendar Sync Configuration" press "New" and enter your Google username and password. Push down the "Select calendar" to select the Google and the local Outlook calendar. Click on the "Sync Options" and set Outlook as the primary calendar. Click on with "OK" to apply the new settings. Adding the Contacts folder for synchronization takes place with the same pattern. From the Google's Contacts folder, select the "My Contacts". Select Outlook in the "Sync Options" as the primary contact list. Press "OK". In the left pane of gSyncit and click "Sync Options" and then put a checkmark that is right in front of "Enable automatic synchronization". Below that, you set the period for automatic data synchronization like every 30 minutes or whatever you want. Finish the settings by clicking on "OK".

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