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Thread: New ipad wifi 4g wonít sync all of my photo library

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    New ipad wifi 4g wonít sync all of my photo library

    I recently bought a new ipad 4g and have started experiencing problems with that. I tried to sync all my photos from photo library to my ipad but was unable to do that. I am using Windows 7 Operating system. It syncs some of the photos but not all the photos to the ipad. I have been a true Apple lover and with the range of products it offers it is just one of the best companies. I have used ipad 2g and even ipad 3g but this is a serious problem with the ipad 4g.

    I have tried some solutions from my end but it didnít work for me as in I have deleted the ipod Photo cache folder but that didnít help. Hope they come up with some solution as I donít know what to do now please suggest some solution so that I can enjoy my new ipad 4g.

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    Re: New ipad wifi 4g wonít sync all of my photo library

    Even I was facing the same issue and donít know how but have at least found a temporary solution for the problem. Actually the problem was with the iphoto on my ipad. Once I deleted iphoto everything seemed to work fine for me. May be iTunes and iphoto share some of the directory information and that creates a problem while syncing. Somehow this helped me. I deleted iPhoto from the iPad and after that deleted all my photos from the iPad. After that deleted the cache memory of the iPad, now started syncing the photo folders one by6 one as I wanted. I was able to sync all the photos successfully. When I was done with syncing all my photos then I downloaded the iphoto again on my iPad and now I am able to view the photos using iPhoto on my iPad.

    I know this is not the permanent solution as if I want to again sync all the photos then it wonít be possible. But at least it helped me now in solving my problem. Hope that apple comes with the solution for this as soon as possible.

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    Re: New ipad wifi 4g wonít sync all of my photo library

    First I thought it is only me who is facing this problem but then I was surprised when I found that there are so many people along with me who are facing this same issue. I went through various things but it didnít help me. I tried reinstalling iTunes on my Computer but it was not worth as the problem was same I was unable to sync all my photos. I wanted to sync 300 photos but it synced only 175 photos. Then I went across various forums it stated that said resizing will work for this error. So I just thought to give it a try. I down loaded Lightroom 3 and batch resized all my images. It is very easy to batch resize images using Lightroom just follow this simple steps.
    1. Import all the photos which you want to resize from the device or Disk.
    2. In the library mode select the photos which you want to resize
    3. Export them to the desired size and thatís it all your photos will be resized.

    Once you have resized the images you will be able to sync all your images into your iPad. But after doing a bit of R&D by myself I came across a strange fact that even after simply rotating the image you will be able to sync all the images without any problem. So, it seems like just editing the photos and resaving them helps. I know it is bit weird but trust me it works, I have used iPad 2 and even iPhone but never experienced anything such. But I am happy itís working now for me.

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    Re: New ipad wifi 4g wonít sync all of my photo library

    Hey friends I donít know if it is the permanent solution or not till now this seems to be the best solution for me, it is bit tedious but itís working for me. Just follow the things which I did. First delete all the Apple software from the computer. The list of software which you should delete is as follows:
    • ITunes
    • QuickTime
    • Apple Software Update
    • Apple Mobile Device Support
    • Bonjour
    • Apple Application Support (iTunes 9 or later)

    Once you have uninstalled all these programs verify that the programs and its related components are completely removed after this reinstall each program one by one and reboot your computer after each installation. These may take a significant amount of time. Now create a new folder for iPad photos and sync your iPad with the new iTunes. Put 10 to 15 photos in the new iPad folder and sync it with your photos folder on your iPad.

    Once this is done sync more 10 to 15 photos and repeat the procedure do it till you have synced all your photos. I know it will be very time consuming and boring but that is the only way available to do it. Hope this helps you in some ways.

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    Re: New ipad wifi 4g wonít sync all of my photo library

    It donít seems to be a nice solution to me as I have 1580 photos to sync and if I keep syncing 1o photos at a time may be it will use up entire day which is not acceptable to me. If someone is having only 100 to 200 photos then it seems to be a nice solution but what if someone has 1000+ photos. May still no one have a permanent fix for this solution? Please guys look for some permanent solution for this.

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    Re: New ipad wifi 4g wonít sync all of my photo library

    I donít know anyone has tried this or not but it is working fine for me. Copy photos from one folder to another new folder and then syncing it. I donít know the logic or technique behind its working but I just know that it working. I had a total of 6 folders of photo having 1872 photos in all. This is what I did. I opened one folder suppose named as Family and copied all the images in it and pasted it in another folder named family iPad. Did the same thing with my every folder and after that synced each folder. This only took some time and my all folders were synced properly and to be more precise my all folders contained all the photos and no photo was missing. I have iPhoto on my iPad and I have not deleted anything from my computer.

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