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Thread: Need Portable charger for Kindle Fire

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    Need Portable charger for Kindle Fire

    My profession requires me to travel many places almost all the time. I am out my home for most of the days in a month. During this traveling and out of house of work, I like to carry my Kindle Fire around so that I can read my favorite books at any place. It helps me to carry my favorite books around with me without adding any weight in my bag. Many times it happens that while I am traveling in a car and reading book on my Kindle Fire, the battery gets over. When I reach hotel or any place where I will be temporarily residing, I keep my Kindle Fire connected to electric plug for charging it. But all the rooms where I stay have different locations for the electric plugs. This becomes a problem as I canít read e-books on Kindle while it is being charged. Similar situation occurs when I am sitting on the back seat of car and the charger I have has short wire.

    Can some suggest me some good portable chargers for my Kindle Fire using which I can charge it while traveling or be able to read books when it is charging from a distant charging point.

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    Re: Need Portable charger for Kindle Fire

    You can try using Ventev Universal Micro-USB Car Charger w/ USB Port, 317761 for your Kindle. It consists of 2.1A dual output vehicle power adapter using which you can charge your Kindle Fire while you read your favorite books. The main advantage of using this charger is that it provides charging for two devices simultaneously. This charger comes in an ergonomic shape with grips on both side and a blue LED which indicates about charging process of a specific device. It also has an extra USB port which can be used to add an extra device for charging.

    I also suggest you to try Luxmo GT Series Micro USB Car Charger. This is a light weight charger. It will provide a faster charging for your Kindle Fire than every other charger. It has inbuilt I/C which prevents overcharging automatically. When your devices are fully charged, the charger will stop providing power to the Kindle Fire thus will save power and also risk of damaging the battery.

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    Re: Need Portable charger for Kindle Fire

    I am currently using Universal Solar Power Charger which comes with ten different types of connectors. You can use it for your Kindle Fire as well as for other devices like mobile phones, portable music players and so on. You can charge when in car by placing the chargerís solar panel in the sunlight while you read ebooks on your Kindle Fire. During night you can also charge your Kindle Fire using this device as it stores the surplus solar energy in itself. It also small is size and compact. It can be easily carried in pockets or purses. Since it works on solar power, it will save a lot of voltage and also prove to be eco friendly. It will also have an clip which can be used to attach it to the back of an bag or pants so that your device gets charged even when walking.

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