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Thread: "Security info required" message when downloading apps to iPad 2

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    "Security info required" message when downloading apps to iPad 2

    I am big fond of Apple products. Already I had an iPhone 4S and recently I purchased iPad 2. I really love to use it. Well I noticed an interesting thing at the time of downloading apps from Apple Store to my iPad 2. It supposed to prompting ‘Security info required enter your apple id and password then tap security info and answer the questions’. I also noticed that they are asking at least 3 security questions so that they can make security of Apple store more tighter.
    Let me know what you are thinking. Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Re: "Security info required" message when downloading apps to iPad 2

    It seems to be really good idea to have 3 security questions in my opinion. Why I am saying this because it would reduce chances to get access to account of yours. so it would provide additional security to account of yours. you can set different kind of answers for the questions that are asked into security questions. It seems to be useful in the situation when you are lots your password. Most of the users are not having any major issue with security questions thing.

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    Re: "Security info required" message when downloading apps to iPad 2

    There are several websites on internet same kind of security technique to secure accounts of the users. The system should be working in following manner. correct me if I had mentioned something wrong over here.

    Assume that you forgot the password and wanted to reset it. you will need to answer security questions when it is asking for the same.

    You will get an email from the website if you had answered the security questions correctly. In that email you will have a link which would redirect to account of yours and reset your password. Click on that link so that you can reset password. According to me it is really secure if is implemented properly.

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    Re: "Security info required" message when downloading apps to iPad 2

    We are aware of the thing that Apple people are used to enhance security of the system at regular interval of the time. Whenever any user is trying to purchase a new thing from iPad or iPhone, at that moment of time your Apple ID should be verified by Apple store by answering randomly selected security questions. In case you had wrong answered security questions times in a row the account would get locked. You will not be able to do any kind of purchases from App store by using any of devices. Even you will not be allowed to change the security questions as well. however you can purchase apps by using trusted device.

    Apart from above mentioned thing Apple is telling users to enter alternative email address particularly when users are not able to access primary email id. They are trying to secure millions of user accounts which are belonging to iTunes as well as Apple app store. Once you had answered security questions they would verify if you had made any changes with respect to your email address.

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