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Thread: Display on Asus Transformer TF300 appear little washed out

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    Display on Asus Transformer TF300 appear little washed out

    I previously owned a iPad and Transformer TF300 is the new pick that I have got recently, frankly speaking I am a bit disappointed with the display of the screen since both the iPad and transformer belongs to the IPS Panels it seems but still Transformer TF300 appears a bit shady in terms of color combinations and displaying the brightness. Somehow I feel that the contrast is quite high in this tablet and it shouldnít be so. You know I have clicked pictures and watch it in my tablet and whenever I do so it appears to be a bit dark. I have compared holding my iPad and Transformer TF300 side by side the difference can be easily noticeable. I donít know if you all agree with me on this or not because the display of iPad is exceptional and maybe I have the habit of using it daily thatís why I got used to its display thatís why I am complaining like that. anyways I thought of sharing this particular subject with you all hope you all must have had a look at it. if you all feel like commenting on this then you can surely do we can have come interesting conversation about it.

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    Re: Display on Asus Transformer TF300 appear little washed out

    You talked about washed out effect in this tablet and it is indeed there in the tablet I happened to get this tablet from my local electronic stores and yes I could see the difference. Earlier I had a Transformer TF101 and have used it extensively with the screen I can notice the difference. I have even seen the new iPad 3 and to compare it with that is no way near because the new iPad has an exceptional retina display much finer and much clearer to eyes. When playing games like angry bird in my new TF300 I can easily catch the difference. The contrast ratio is quite dominant towards white and hence we get to see the washed out effect. I have tried each and every possible display settings for this tablet but nothing is going to change, the display is like that only. We canít do anything about it. I feel a bit bad because I spent so much money close to $550 but still the product that I am getting isnít half the worth of a new iPad. I have no issues with the new iPad but still it could have been better if they could have concentrated more on the display thatís what I feel. Anyways thatís all I have to say as of now.

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