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Old 15-05-2012
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Will DooMLorD or SuperOneClick work with Asus Transformer TF300 for rooting?

I am just wondering if all these tools work with the Asus Transformer TF300 tablet or not because somewhere I have heard that they work with the ICS OS and this new tablet of mine is running on ICS. So I am just hoping that these particular tools work with this particular tablet so that it becomes easy for me to root the tablet. Anyways I am not planning to root the tablet now only but who knows in the near future I might be forced to do that. that?s why this question came into my mind and I asked you all. Hope so you have some answers for this question please reply.
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Old 15-05-2012
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Re: Will DooMLorD or SuperOneClick work with Asus Transformer TF300 for rooting?

Hey if you are on .26 build then let me tell you that you will have to downgrade and get to the .17 one then only you will be able to root this tablet. Now in order to downgrade you will require a Android SDK installed. There is one particular download that will do this for you which you will get it over here viperMOD Primer Tool v4.5 - Modded by bpear_v3.zip . once done with that5 follow the detail procedure given below which will allow you to downgrade to .17 build

The following are the requirements which are needed during the downgrade

1) BLOB file

2) ADB which you can get it by running the following script given over here

3) Root access

Now once done with that follow the steps I am giving you over here

1) Extract the BLOB file and store it in the internal memory of the tablet.

2) Connect Asus Transformer TF300 to the PC with the help of a USB and begin with the ADB shell session.

3) Execute the given commands over here and make sure you do it properly
mv /data/local/tmp /data/local/tmp.bak
ln -s /dev/block/mmcblk0p4 /data/local/tmp
4) Perform a reboot operation on Asus Transformer TF300 with the help of the following command
adb reboot
5) Wait for the tablet to start again and ensure that the ADB session also starts properly. Once everything is started properly then execute the following commands
dd if=/sdcard/blob of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p4
6) You will get to see the following message at the end of operation

1066806+1 records in
1066806+1 records out
546204969 bytes transferred in 250.309 secs (2182122 bytes/sec)
Now just let me warn you that these numbers will take some time to come out till then the command prompt will be totally empty. So at that time you don?t do anything wait till this particular command or the number is generated in the command prompt.

7) Once you get this command that means you can safely reboot the Asus Transformer TF300.

8) Once it has rebooted you can see the Asus Transformer TF300 flashing bar in the screen, don?t be in a hurry allow all the process to get completed. Once the flashing process ios over the tablet will reboot on its own.

9) Once your tablet starts you will have a new tablet with new firmware in it.
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