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Thread: Is there any Citrix Receiver for Asus Transformer TF300

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    Is there any Citrix Receiver for Asus Transformer TF300

    hi guys

    I just recently bought this tablet and its performing really well for me , a smooth working tablet working on the android based ICS operating system with great hardware, really guys this tablet is really a value for money. but there something that I need a help for , I was looking for the application Citrix Receiver for Asus Transformer TF300. I have looked everywhere but I can find the proper solution to this, so is there anyone her e know anything about this can share their experience with me it would be really nice to know . does any have already using the Citrix Receiver in there Asus Transformer TF300 for connecting it to the other computer , is it working okay , last time I checked it donít had the left mouse button support , does it have now. The reason that I need the Citrix Receiver application is that , the palace that I am working where computer I a m intended to connect has the tightly controlled and security is paramount and on my smart phone which has the application is able to connect just perfect so that is why I am looking for TF300 owner who has using this application . please help me on this I will be really appreciating this . thanks in advance

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    Re: Is there any Citrix Receiver for Asus Transformer TF300

    You are specifically stressing on the Citrix Receiver but did you tried the teamview because that work perfectly ok for me , also there is the application named the splashtop which I as well used on the windows 7 and that is also great application but the splashtop work perfectly on my home but that not working on my office , may be it has affected by the firewall issue or maybe that is operating system issue as in office we have windows Xp . Use this application may be that could help you

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    Re: Is there any Citrix Receiver for Asus Transformer TF300

    Thank s for the reply but the issue as I said that I have to use that application on my office purpose so that only Citrix Receiver work better on it , so here is the deal I have just installed this application on to my tablet but it is not working freely the fact that I am having problem with the right mouse button looks as if it has been mapped to the exit option because every time I click it it just display the message shows up saying that Do you really want to leave Citrix, looks to me the bug that need to be fixed as having the right key mouse button would be nice because I need to run few program with the alternate credentials for every time as I need to launch a command window and use the "runas" command. So bottom line is that this application works on the tablet but just a bit clunky. By far this application is the fantastic which can be get my work completed on the tablet when I am not present in the office, with this application my tablet is now a suitable laptop replacement , hopes this help you .

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