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Thread: Very much irritated with Bing Maps on Windows Phone

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    Very much irritated with Bing Maps on Windows Phone

    This is the first time ever I have seen a windows phone app showing such funny behavior which is very much annoying. Recently what happened was I was on the way to some place and failed to recognize the exact address so therefore what I did was opened Bing maps on my windows phone. I found that this application actually sent me some fifteen miles away from the place where I was actually suppose to be present, over all I can say that I was sent a hour late. Now the thing is that, it is not the first time I am facing this problem. Already I have encountered such silly behavior two times with this Bing maps app. I donít have any problem if the app is corrupt or not working at all but the main problem I am facing is that just because of this app unknowingly I miss most of my important meets and events. This app always fails to land me at the correct place. I guess I am not the only one with this issue. There are more people who are facing the same problem with this app. This is very much irritating, how come this map can commit such a huge mistake. The worst thing I have noticed is that this application responds wrong only when it is opened from my phone, when I try to visit this app on a browser the address is perfectly recognized and the same address on my phone through this app lands me to some weird place. I am very much sure that this problem is only with the windows phone and not with other phones. If you doubt then try it out in your windows phone and you would get the same weird problem. Anyone having a windows phone and Bing maps installed in it and also facing the same problem? Please let me know, I just wanted to make sure that I am not the only one with this problem.

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    Re: Very much irritated with Bing Maps on Windows Phone

    I am not sure but maybe APIs could be one of the reason that is exposed to the mobile Bing app. After reading out your thread I can understand that this app works perfectly with the web browser but not with the mobile version, the reason could an advanced feature existing in the web browser and not in the mobile version. i mean there could be some sort of auto correction feature existing in the web version that is not present in the mobile version.

    Even I have the same problem and for some R&D purpose I simply tried to check certain specific address both in Google maps and bing maps. I found that the result which bing maps came up was actually ~200 feet south of the exact location according to the google maps, which means the same if you assume it practically.

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    Re: Very much irritated with Bing Maps on Windows Phone

    Yeah you are correct, it is due to the exact reason that the above friend have mentioned. Auto correction could be the main cause of this issue. I have seen that windows phone doesnít have an auto-correction option. Sometimes what happens is that you type in the address with some wrong spelling which ends up giving you some weird result. Correct spelling is the main key in searching the location for bing maps. And if you misspell any location wrongly then you are bound to get some different result.

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