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Thread: Is Flashing or Rooting Smartphones illegal

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    Is Flashing or Rooting Smartphones illegal

    Hi guys, I am having the Samsung galaxy S i9000 and I want to update the phone to the new android Ice cream sandwich. I told my friend regarding the update but he told me that no official version of the ICS has came for the galaxy S i9000. But he told me that there are many custom versions available for rooting the phone. He also told me that you will be able to use the ICS in the phone without any problem.i just wanted to ask you all guys that is flashing and rooting all illegal?

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    Re: Is Flashing or Rooting Smartphones illegal

    Yes dude flashing the phones is at all illegal. Because flashing means that you are uninstalling the manufacturers officially build operating system in the phone and installing the unofficial operating system in your phone. How about if you purchase a home and I stay there isnít that illegal this is the example of flashing the phone. If you are removing the official version and installing an unofficial version or any custom version built by anyone is also illegal.

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    Re: Is Flashing or Rooting Smartphones illegal

    Yes flashing and rooting the cell phones is illegal. Flashing also means cloning the phone. Every phone has a unique factory set serial number. A cloned cell phone is one that is reprogrammed to retransmit the serial number to another cell phone. These people obtain the serial number by illegally monitoring the radio waves that transmits from the cell phones. After the cloning both the legal and the cloned phone have the same serial number. The cellular system and the user using the phone donít know that the phone has been cloned. The cloned phone can be used to make calls and all the other things which we normally do with the phone.

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