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Thread: Will be much happier to go with HTC One X in place of Samsung Galaxy S III

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    Will be much happier to go with HTC One X in place of Samsung Galaxy S III

    Hello friends, I would like to say that it will be very much nice if you are going for the HTC One X instead for the Samsung Galaxy S III phone, such that I think it is very much worth going for the HTC one x. I would like to know that how many of the people will be agree with my point about this thing, if you do agree then please do tell what is the reason behind that. I am going for HTC one x as it is having best features and also other things which are quality in its class. Please share your thoughts about it and if you are having some information about then also share it. Thank you.

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    Re: Will be much happier to go with HTC One X in place of Samsung Galaxy S III

    I would like to tell that Galaxy S3 Samsung GT-I9300 Smartphone is equipped with a powerful quad-core 1.4GHz, compared to other smart phones, however, when an X with HTC. HTC where X is the release of the Galaxy before the launch of the S3, Samsung cannot even match the quad-core 1.5GHz more powerful processor specifications for the X. Samsung Galaxy S3 with enormous 4,8 inch screen size to view HD Super AMOLED is better technology, such as the screen is brighter, with 720p resolution. HTC on the other hand X comes with a resolution Super IPS LCD2 capacitive touch screen 720 x 1280 pixels. Samsung Galaxy S3 there is little advantage in the camera's specifications than the ability of the AF of an X Galaxy S3 GT I9300 primary school eight million pixel camera, HD recording capabilities and HDR filter. Only now the bad coisa is the sudden hair pattern, can only capture 20 photos. S3 secondary camera is 1.9MP. The other hand, X is also equipped with 8 million pixel camera can also be at the same time as the S3 of the Milky Way high-definition video and images, and with a LED flash to the secondary camera on an X-1,3 Members of Parliament, which is less than S3. Then compared, and consider all the other things will be difficult to choose, but because X has a better processor, you are smart enough and camera, select an X for your cell phone as your preferred device S3 the price is cheap.

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    Re: Will be much happier to go with HTC One X in place of Samsung Galaxy S III

    I do agree with your point, whereas the two devices with the same resolution and the only difference is greater SIII in the small screen, it provides a 4.8-inch screen and 1280 x 720 pixel units) of 306 ppi pixel density and an X to provide 4.7-inch display has the same resolution, 312 ppi pixel density. The situation is the same, whether you choose your device will display a more and more in the market.

    An X is certainly one of the most beautiful device, we have received the HTC and shape to rounded and the material used is high quality, you will of course notice that to deal with it is really good S-three comes with a similar design, but the plastic used is really not the highest quality and we expect more from its flagship.

    Even only a few need a fast processor, the Tegra 3 at 1.5 with Exynos GHz and the GPU and galaxies of the Geforce 4212 chip like the dual-core or quad-core two quad-core processor of the application of these smart phones, and an X group 1.4 h, Z core and Mali 400MP GPU. Both able to provide enough power, performance, and full power can be used only with some crazy multi-tasking processing.

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