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Thread: Confused between HTC One X and Apple iPhone 4S

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    Confused between HTC One X and Apple iPhone 4S

    Hello friends, I would like to know that which the best phone among these two phones is. I was planning for new phone this month end and all of my friends suggested to go Apple iPhone 4S, but recently HTC has launched its new phone, which I really like it. So got confuse that for which phone I should go for, such that apple iPhone 4S is also good and even the HTC One X. shall I go for iOS or Android, earlier I have used both of these operating system. Can you people please do tell me about it, which will be the best one for me? Thank you.

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    Re: Confused between HTC One X and Apple iPhone 4S

    I would like to point some of the main specification of HTC One X, so that you will be able to get a good idea about the phone. Just a change, when we to the WLAN, as usual, this phone also has Wi-Fi 802.11 A / B / G / N Wi-Fi Direct, DLNA, Wi-Fi hotspots. Video recording and high definition video, the face of geo tagging and smile detection, and more stylish features to be added to this phone and when our internal functions, this phone has been the storage of 32 GB (26 GB user available) and also coolest 1 GB of RAM. Just like the Samsung Galaxy S3, the One X is having the quad-core CPU 1.5 GHz while the camera, it has 8 million pixels, 3264 2448 pixels, autofocus, LED flash as a primary and secondary schools, and it has 1.3 million pixels, 720P level. No other need, everything is cool, and has been the new face of this phone; HTC has done a great job.

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    Re: Confused between HTC One X and Apple iPhone 4S

    I would suggest that you better go for iPhone 4S, as it supported by networks of GSM, UMTS and CDMA. One of the innovations in the field of communications, applied in the new flagship of Apple, was to support the simultaneous transmission and reception of data using different antennas. Also added support for Bluetooth 4.0. Even it is available in two colors (black and white) and three models with different amounts of internal flash memory - 16, 32 and 64 GB. The main hardware differences between the iPhone 4S the use of dual-core chip A5 (similar to what is in the iPad 2, but running at 800 MHz) instead of the single-core A4 and accelerator PowerVR SGX543MP2, again as in the iPad 2. Thus, we can say that the iPhone 4S was stuffing the iPad 2, while retaining the building the iPhone 4. The only difference - the frequency of the processor is reduced from 1 GHz to 800 MHz in order to save battery power. iPhone 4S has some reduced rates claimed standby - 200 hours against 300 for the iPhone 4, although it claimed almost the same with the iPhone 4 figures of the time under load.

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    Re: Confused between HTC One X and Apple iPhone 4S

    If you just check the look of HTC One X then it is having a 4.7inch LCD touch screen display 134.36 x 69.9 x 8.9 mm, which is a good look at the HTC phone. It is in white and black color on the market. It a 720p high-definition display, therefore, its effect is very good. It is having the Android 4.0 version; it is by Google's latest version of its ultra-high-speed quad-core processors. It has 1.5 GHz processor, therefore, its processing speed is very good, and other phones. It has a 32-GB of it, but there is no extra micro SD slot, this is not a good user, therefore, the processing speed of this phone is very good. HTC One X has an 80,000 pixel camera back of the device. It also has a 1.3 MP front camera for video calls. The camera is equipped with a single LED flash. Within this range must provide 12 million or 15 megapixel camera in this phone in the phone's front camera, rear camera, and at720p record video at1080p.

    The phone has many features that when you record a video, you can record slow motion video. It does have an 1800 mAh battery, which is a good phone but the company can offer the 2500 for better battery life mAh battery. The X is loaded with Wi-Fi, 3G, and Bluetooth 4.0 with connection and also has GPS navigation. Phone has audio quality which is supporting audio of AAC format which is variety of formic acid, AMR, OGG, MID, MP3, etc. You can play AVI format video, music and video quality. If you check all this features then I do believe that it is really a worth to purchase this phone for you and very much better then Apple iPhone 4S.

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    Re: Confused between HTC One X and Apple iPhone 4S

    Android system (HTC) is relatively easy to use, appearance, size is almost thin, HTC one X think a lot of most of the features are similar but there are several key. iphone and Bluetooth. If they do not use Bluetooth to consider but his camera and draw a high number of very high-speed processor is to his advantage if Apple's computer is very convenient. HTC to pay attention to is the one x quad-core, there will be easy to heat become very hot if you do not often play racing games that require high-speed processing capability program. In fact, so many do not have to use to the core of another to buy the HTC personal recommendation full ONE X.

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    Re: Confused between HTC One X and Apple iPhone 4S

    I think the iPhone will be read the reason there are a few points first regarded as the ancestor of the smart phone market share hit out the beginning of the second in fact, really red, because do not understand mobile phone "blind pursuit". Because it counted the quality of the 3C community like the LV Gucci, expensive, but because it is a brand-name but how many people really use or to which someone who has bought the? Believe around you must have many friends mentioned in the third.

    As the first point out for too long, so a lot of software, game developers continue to introduce new software, which is the only thing stronger than android place, but now technology is getting better and better android software, the game screen is getting better there are many developers are transferred to the android part of the development iPhone is too closed, JB, what must be the money, even when a flash drive cannot abuse me, it is only an advantage, the appearance is very beautiful, no longer win!? Fire a gun iPhone over android android's market share in the United States more than the iPhone.

    The Google system is only later in the two-year, not long iPhone market share will be more drop more. I think the iPhone will be red for several reasons So I do not recommend to buy the iPhone mobile phone, but if you just want to play the game is another matter this year possible that iphone5 will overcome the one x and XL is a single-core execution speed would be affected, and now a lot of games need a little better demand hardware budget, I would recommend to buy the HTC One X-screen and high-speed fast high resolution, it is no points worse than the iPhone.

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