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Thread: Thin folio case for windpad 110w

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    Thin folio case for windpad 110w

    I have recently purchased the windpad 110W and I am really impressed with its features. I liked the processor and the RAM used in this tablet pc. I am having the 64GB windpad and I have added many things in it including my music, videos and movies. I am afraid of damaging the windpad. I want to buy a case for this windpad. Can anyone suggest me some good cases?

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    Re: Thin folio case for windpad 110w

    Hi there I am also having the windpad and I also like most of the features of the windpad. The good feature I liked in windpad is the touch screen and the disk drive space. I was also afraid of damaging the windpad so to protect the windpad I have purchased the case for it. I have used Case Logic UFOL-110 10-Inch Tablet/eReader Folio to protect my windpad. This is a universal case for all the 10 inches tablets. This cse designed in style to fit multiple brands. In this you can view tab in two different angles. The cover opens and bends in a way that you can have a perfect angle for viewing.

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    Re: Thin folio case for windpad 110w

    I suggest you to use the Kensington KeyFolio Pro 2 Universal Case for 10 inch tablets. This universal case can be used by you to protect your windpad. This case is Compact and functional and 3-in-1 design. The Secured Velcro fastener ensures tablet vertical stability. You can view the angle range from 70 to 20 degrees. It is durable with elasticized band which secures case and protects from any damage. You can use this universal case to protect your windpad.

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