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Thread: How to clear your recent apps on Toshiba Thrive tablet

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    How to clear your recent apps on Toshiba Thrive tablet

    Hello guys, I am having the Toshiba Thrive tablet which I recently purchased it. Toshiba Thrive is having such a good specification. Toshiba Thrive comes with the android 3.0 honeycomb. It also has the dual core processor in it which is really nice for fast processing. Toshiba Thrive has HSDPA and HSUPA for internet which gives really fast speed for surfing the internet. I have downloaded many applications for my Toshiba Thrive tablet. When I am using any of the application I see those applications in the recent apps. I want to clear the recent apps from the Toshiba Thrive tablet. How do I clear the recent applications which were used by me?

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    Re: How to clear your recent apps on Toshiba Thrive tablet

    I am also having the Toshiba Thrive tablet and I must say that I really like this tablet. This tablet has good specifications in it. The specifications I liked in the Toshiba Thrive tablet is the processor and the speed for the internet. It uses the HSDPA for transmission of the packets from tab to server. I have installed some applications in my Toshiba Thrive tablet. But the problem is that which application I use and close it comes in the recently used applications. I wanted to clear the recently used application list. So I searched for the same. I found Fast Reboot application which clears the recently used applications but it reboots the tablet. This application quickly reboots your tab to free the memory. This application reboots by closing and restarting all the core and user processors and frees the memory. It does not actually reboot your phone but it boots only the applications and the processes.

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    Re: How to clear your recent apps on Toshiba Thrive tablet

    Hello there, I am using the Toshiba Thrive tablet and really impressed with this tablet. I am using this tablet since last 18 months and it is really a good. This tablet was released before the Samsung galaxy tab P1000. Though Samsung galaxy series is the best series for android. The touch screen and other features in the tablet are very nice. I have installed many applications in my Toshiba Thrive tablet. I hate when I have to reboot the tablet and I hate when I see the applications which I used shows me in the recently used apps. I told my friend about this problem and he suggested me to use the Android Task killer. Android task killer is very easy to use and it does not show any of the application in the recently used apps. This application is very simple to use. Just run the application and it will display the list of the applications currently running. Uncheck the applications which you donít want to close and then tap on the Kill selected apps and it will automatically close all the selected applications. In this application there is feature of ignore list in this you just select the application and move to ignore. After then even when you will try to kill the app it will not be closed by the Advance Task killer as it has been moved to the ignore list. It has many other features and by using this application you will be able to use and understand all the features of the application.

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