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Thread: Underwhelmed by the specification of Samsung Galaxy S III

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    Underwhelmed by the specification of Samsung Galaxy S III

    I want to know are you all underwhelmed by the specification of this phone or something else? then this is a perfect platform to speak your heart out about the topic I am sure you all would like to talk about this phone so do speak up over here.

    On the personal front I am bit underwhelmed but the specifications of this phone. Canít explain you all but yes there are somethingís like the screen and the design they should have been much better. Anyways I have said my part I want you all to speak something on this I am sure you will do that. so start replying out guys.

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    Re: Underwhelmed by the specification of Samsung Galaxy S III

    The only complaint that I have with the phone is that it is having the pentile screen which is really a turn off you know what it makes the AMOLED pixels 6 times as small as it actually appears. Only that is the big complaint that I have with this phone rest I donít think so there is any kind of problem with the galaxy S III. Although I think itís a bit too early to talk about all those stuffs about this phone. till now only the pentile screen have been the greatest issue in this phone. thatís all I have to say over here.

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    Re: Underwhelmed by the specification of Samsung Galaxy S III

    I am disappointed with this phone and I have said to myself not to purchase this phone when the phone is going to be released. I thought that this phone is going to be something different and will bring a new dimension in the world of Smartphone but no it did not happen that way. Instead what the Samsung people have done is that they have copied some of the features here and there from their competitors and managed to build a phone which is called as the Samsung galaxy S III. Its so stupid of them to do so. Instead I would wait for the iPhone 5 whose release is just around the corner and my friends are also predicting it to be the new Smartphone with never seen before features. So I would rather wait for that phone instead of going with that. you will not believe but I skipped the plan of purchasing the htc one x just because the Samsung galaxy S iii was going to be released. News were doing the round that it is soon to be unveiled thatís why I thought of waiting for some time to get the Galaxy S iii. When it was finally launched I was just looking at the phone and I said to myself, ďwhats new in this phoneĒ the design was so predictable, the features were also nothing great some copied and some were Samsungs own. Being a ICS phone I wanted to check out the features of it which is when I got to know that they have built the phone according to the android 2.3 gingerbread OS and not the ICS. The hardware buttons are simply not appreciable, neither is the display. The above user said it correctly they have thought of going with the pentile screen which is half as good as amoled. I wonder if Samsung had put up some extra efforts to get the phone right then it would be a different story today. Since it hasnít happened I shouldnít waste my time talking about this phone anymore instead I should rather move on and look out for some other phones.

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    Re: Underwhelmed by the specification of Samsung Galaxy S III

    I think itís a brief combination of the galaxy nexus and the galaxy s2 thatís it. Nothing new to talk about the phone I have heard that Samsung are planning to launch another sequel of this phone anywhere around next year? Just to compete with the iPhone 5. I donít understand why do they keep doing that? just for the sake of competition do they keep on launching phones in the market, no matter if they arenít worth it? This time they were going to launch on the same day of the release of htc one x but they delayed the plans of launching. However it is said that this phone is the toughest competitor of the htc one x. with almost same specs and display screen Galaxy S iii can eat up the market share of htc one x to some extent thatís for sure. But still I have a prediction to make over here Galaxy S iii would have good starts at the beginning when it gets released up but later I am sure that people wouldnít be so interested to get the phone because Samsung has on its side have failed to get some of the basic things right in this phone. thatís why accepting this phone for me would be a big mistake.

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