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Thread: Samsung Galaxy S III fails with 400 MP GPU, Pentile Screen, RAM, etc

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    Samsung Galaxy S III fails with 400 MP GPU, Pentile Screen, RAM, etc

    Just visited xda recently and people out there are writing many things about the epic failure of these new phone launched by the Samsung which is Galaxy S III. One of the user out there have come out with the top 7 reasons why the phone is a total fail.

    Starting with

    1) The GPU which is Mali-400MP a big failure.

    2)The ram isnít much big it is only 1GB which is common in todayís many phones.

    3) The design: people havenít welcomed the new design of this phone with both the hands, there has been mixed reactions coming up from everywhere. So ultimately even this would be called as big failure.

    4)The software gimmicks that they have done isnít worth appreciating. One common example of that is the S-voice which is a gimmick of the Appleís SIRI app. Nothing great to hear about it.

    5) Key arrangements much suitable for the android 2.3 and not the ICS.

    6) Only 1.5 GHz cortex a9 processor.

    7) pentile screen: people were expecting something more for this new phone.

    I have mentioned all of the reasons above why the people out there are giving some negative responses for the phone. now what do you all have to say about the same are all the reasons proper and how will you accept this big failure from the Samsung's new product? Thatís all I want to know from you.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S III fails with 400 MP GPU, Pentile Screen, RAM, etc

    I do agree with the maximum points that you have mentioned over here but I am surprised that you have missed out two major points which makes the Samsung galaxy S iii much lower than the other ICS phones. The first being that this phone is a ICS phone but it is designed to suit the gingerbread OS and not the ICS. If you look at the HTC one x then you will be probably able to spot the difference what I am talking about. The other main problem is the poor plastic body. The front part is ok but look at the back part it looks dam ugly I wonder what were they thinking when they were designing this phone? it is a bit down-market to be frank. On the contrary I wouldnít be blaming the GPU because it has got a nice GPU much better to beat the tegra 3 and 1GB RAM is fine for todayís phone. we are not owning a PC. So thatís all I have to say about the phone thatís it from my side for you all.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S III fails with 400 MP GPU, Pentile Screen, RAM, etc

    I think you are being too negative on this I donít think this phone is so bad that you are calling it as a fail all the way no I donít think so. This phone has got good designs, good specification and an incredible power in it. so why should I rate the phone as a bad one no I wont because I believe in this phone and I am sure it will be a good one to have a look. First of all let me begin up with the design of the phone, yes the pentile screen is a bit issue for me byt thatís ok. It has got a hd display and a gorilla glass 2 in the covers for the maximum protection of the phone, isnít it great. Talking about the specification its has got a Exynos 4212 Quad core chipset, Mali-400MP GPU, 4.8 inch screen(second largest among the Smartphoneís after galaxy note), 8 megapixel auto focus HD camera, ICS and many more. What more do you expect from this phone thatís what I want to ask with you.

    Címon dude stop being jealous of this phone I have known this phone has a pretty interesting mixtures of everything then why should I rate this phone as the failure. You are listing 1/5GHz of processor as a failure then how much do you want? Címon we canít afford to have a 2GHz process itís a Smartphone not a PC. Plus it is a quad core one. The GPU of this phone is the best one and it has bet several phones having the similar config. Apart from that there are many interesting features in the phone one of them is the direct call which I canít assure is not a gimmick feature of any phone. it is newly introduced in this phone wherein you can call up a particular person by just seeing the contact and holding the phone near your ears. You donít need to press the call button for the calling purpose. I hope you did understand that. then there is one more feature called as eye tracking as long as you are watching the phone the phone will remain on. As soon as you remove the attention from it. it would get blank. The design of the phone is quite good with good curves to hold the phone properly. So everything is nice about the phone the only thing that is left to see is the interface which I will get to see once when I switch on the phone and check that out. We donít get to see much about the phone on the videos that is been showed, the review or the hands on stuff. Its better to get a hand on it and discover yourself.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S III fails with 400 MP GPU, Pentile Screen, RAM, etc

    I too feel that a lot of negative stuffs is written about the phone yes I am a bit disappointed with this galaxy s iii because it looks like a bit modification of its predecessor the Samsung galaxy s ii. A little improvement in the processor, a little improvement in the RAM, a little improvement in the design overall the phone is looking average o me. for me the phone which has brought in good amount of changes is the htc one series especially the htc one x. everything is quite new about the phone right from t he design to the UI its everything quite unique and beautiful. I wouldnít be surprised that it ends up getting the gadget of the year award. I wouldnít vote for galaxy S iii to get the gadget of the year because it isnít a big thing to look out for. Last year galaxy note was released and I felt this is a phone which is going to completely change the mobile world and now Samsung comes up with the galaxy s iii much smaller and nothing innovative.

    So if you ask me I would rate this phone as a average phone with nothing much to speak about the features. However I still feel that there is a lot of negative things spoken about the phone over here which shouldnít be because it isnít so bad.

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