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Thread: Benchmark results of Samsung Galaxy S III

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    Benchmark results of Samsung Galaxy S III

    This popular phone is out and I am sure there would be lots of people doing some testing work for the phone here and there. I just saw a website which I donít remember the name but those people were lucky to get a hold on that phone. They have done some kind of benchmark tests on that phone and the phone has certainly come up with impressive results. They have used the Quadrant Advanced tool to test the phone and the average score that it managed to score was 5642 much ahead of all the Samsung galaxy phones and now it should be rated as the fastest galaxy phone to have been made by the Samsung. In fact you wonít believe but it also has managed to score much ahead of the Quad core HTC One X. HTC One X was able to get only 4900 but still the real test is left with the AnTuTu they havenít checked the benchmark results with that app. I am sure once they do test it with the AnTuTu they would be able to get some clear picture of the actual performance provided by that phone. as of now I feel Samsung galaxy s III with the quad-core Exynos 1.4 GHz processor surely wins the race big time, thatís what I feel.

    I have made my point over here. I am sure there would be some htc one x supporters going against this benchmark results much is awaited from them. Do speak up guys.

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    Down Re: Benchmark results of Samsung Galaxy S III

    I donít consider them as the real test of the performance the only recognized tool I know to check the performance of the phone is the AnTuTu for the android phones. I donít think so there is any other tool to measure the performance. So if you have the benchmark results from that app then you can post in over here. I donít believe in Quadrant Advanced and some similar kind of tools which are coming up recently and believe in giving proper benchmark results. No they arenít good at all.

    Performance matters when we have to look at the daily use if the phone succeeds in that then it can be called as a winner. No doubt Samsung galaxy S iii has a quad core processor but by just having that it does not qualify to be the best phone in the industry. Just by topping the benchmark results we cannot qualify any phone as the best one what matters is the performance on the daily basis and not once in the moonlight.

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    Re: Benchmark results of Samsung Galaxy S III

    I have seen a particular video in YouTube where in the people out there have tested the phone with the AnTuTu tool in the end there was no big difference between the galaxy S III and the htc one X. galaxy S III managed to score around 11492 in AnTuTu and even HTC One X manages to fetch the similar score so there is no means by which you can classify both the phones according to the performance both the phones have a quad core processor the only difference is the Tegra 3 which is there in the HTC one x. that makes the difference hence thatís why I prefer HTC one x over the Samsung galaxy s iii just because this phone is totally new thatís why a lot of hype has been created about the performance and its design and all. For me Samsung galaxy s iii is not a big phone itís an average phone with average results thatís it and nothing else. I have made my point over here about the same, what do you all think about it?

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    Re: Benchmark results of Samsung Galaxy S III

    I suppose you are talking about the result posted by the endgadget. If you are talking about that then you are probably right Galaxy S III manages to score fairly in antutu but the real winner was the gpu ARM's Mali-400/MP4 it just races ahead of the tegra 3 which is there in the htc one x. I suppose it is a dual core GPU in this phone thatís why it has given some impressive results. I failed to note down the score that was posted out there but surely it has fired out tegra 3 by a long distance. I think this would be the crucial factor amongst both the phone because galaxy S III is dedicated to give a good amount of graphic power even if we play some high end game such as crysis in it. Talking about the processor then Exynos 4212 Quad does manages to score a bit ahead of the HTC One X not by a big margin but a very small margin. I would say galaxy S iii will have a bigger demand then the htc one x because of its flexible body and also it has a plastic body which ensures that it will suck up the heat. HTC One X has overheating problems and lots of people have complained about the same here in this forum as well. so I would say going by this galaxy S III has a edge over htc one x.

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