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Thread: Will US market get Samsung Galaxy S III dual core version and not quad core version?

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    Will US market get Samsung Galaxy S III dual core version and not quad core version?

    This is one kind of rumor that I got to hear from one of my friend who is saying that the US people would only be getting the dual sore version of the phone and not the quad core although nothing much can be belived on whatever he has said but this surely sums up to a interesting discussion over here at this forums. Donít you all think so. Imagine the US people would be getting only the dual cores and we the outside world would be getting the quad core version this is the first time when the rest of the people would be getting a better product than the one that has to be received by the US people. If that turns out to be true then htc would be a clear winner out there in US because it has a tegra chipset which people are lookout for and it is indeed giving some brilliant performances when compared to the ebst in t he market. Samsing galaxy S iii which was said to be the best in the market and here in the market to compete against the htc one x would be surely fuming on its own decisions I am just imaging this and just thinking how interesting would it be if such kind of things began to happen with this particular phone. frankly speaking we havenít heard a dual core version of galaxy siii coming out thatís why it would very difficult to believe if this would actually turn out to be true.

    Anyways the gates are open all of you all have a chance to come and comment on this particular subject which I have opened up I am sure a good amount of discussion will happen about this particular subject we will wait and watch how does this thread sums up ?

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    Re: Will US market get Samsung Galaxy S III dual core version and not quad core version?

    What are you saying I am sure that your friend is bluffing like no one else. I mean címon how could you believe him just because he is your friend you believe what he said how foolish of you! this phone does not has any separate dual core models then how come the US people would be getting the dual core models. Do the manufactures have anything to do with the US people such that they are doing such kind of partiality with them. No I donít believe this news in fact I am against it it happens tp be true. US is a big market and I donít think Samsung people would ever think of doing such kind of mistakes by releasing the dual core phones only to the us market because they know its going to hit them badly.

    I am sorry for whatever I have said against you but I cant tolerate any stupid kind of information on this forum. Thatís it. I hope I have made my point over here.

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    Re: Will US market get Samsung Galaxy S III dual core version and not quad core version?

    Yes your friend is right because it is said that the LTE technology out there in US is not compatible with the quad core processors so thatís what I got to know. So it would be indeed true that Samsung people would decide against a better set of dual core processors against the planned quad core processors for the US public. If you ask me then I would say I would be happy with any dual core processor but it should have a dual core snapdragon GPU in it, that would be the ideal choice for me in this phone but still the best has to be left on the developers on doing such kind of changes in their phones because they are the oneís who knows about the changes better than us.

    Still I feel that it is a moral responsibility of the Samsung to work on the compatibility with the LTE. I am surprised they havenít taken any initiatives on doing some compatibility checks with the quad core processors that they have.

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    Re: Will US market get Samsung Galaxy S III dual core version and not quad core version?

    If you all ask me then it does not matter to me which variant does the us one have or which variant does the international version have . I have decided that I would go with the international version of the galaxy S iii and not anything else. the US version of the galaxy s3 has been reportedly said that it will be cutting down the strength of its processor because of the incompatibility with the LTE so I think itís a good decision made by them frankly speaking me being a US citizen wont affect me a lot because I wont be using the LTE technology much in it. I am big fan of Exynos chip so if needed I am ready to import that phone from the Europe as well. I can go to that limit as well.

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