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Thread: Toshiba AT200 Excite adb usb driver download

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    Toshiba AT200 Excite adb usb driver download

    Hello, friends I have bought a new Toshiba AT200 Excite tablet pc and I am very much excited to use it but I have planned to access it fully only after I am done with all the possible settings that I need to do in this tablet but it seems like my own commitment has made fall into a big mess. i am stuck at one place, I am unable to get the ADB USB drivers to work with this tablet. I just wanted to get these drivers function into my machine. Just because of this reason I am now I am not using my tablet as according to own commitment. Please help me out as soon as possible.

    Itís not that I donít have any idea about the USB driver installing and all, I have already tried out connecting my Excite tablet with enabling the USB debugging but while doing that I can see only two devices. And while using Device Manager I am only able to get two devices hardware ID. The thing is that my windows has completely failed to identify the drivers, its unable to get any drivers existing due to which I am forced for not doing anything.

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    Re: Toshiba AT200 Excite adb usb driver download

    For me I think the settings for the drivers in Toshiba Excite are almost the same as of the Thrive. The best thing you can do is download the windows ADB driver installer that you can easily get from the internet. They can somehow help you out with the problem you are facing.

    As far as I know in case of Excite there are some two different PID whereas also on Thrive there are 2 sets of PID numbers where one is for the ADB and the other one is used when you are willing to boot into a fastboot. You wonít believe in my case I completed corrupted the inf, not exactly corrupted but I somehow messed it up to get things work for me, then i managed to put together both windows OS i.e. windows 7 and windows Vista 64 bit driver package. Now I am not sure but I believe that it would work. Anyways coming to your issue, make sure that you uninstall all other ADB drivers before if you are installing it and also see to it that the USB debugging is turned ON. Simply get the zip file, unzip it and then right Click the .exe file and then go for running into administrator.

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    Re: Toshiba AT200 Excite adb usb driver download

    Even I have bought my Excite recently few days ago. However I am see any sort of issue that you have mentioned in your post; they are not a problem. I did edit the INF files with the Exciteís PID and VID and the windows without giving me any kind of problem simply managed to install the drivers. Everything went on smoothly except at one place but I donít think itís a big issue or something that would cause me a lot. Actually when I was trying to get my hands on ADB commands I got an error message saying that the device is not connected. Now I am not sure with this error as the error message is all the way proving to fake. Here I am not seeking for any solution or suggestion but just having a request to the manufacturer to give an option for ADB through TC/IP as they have nowhere give out the ADB drivers. I do not thing there are any users having AT200 Excite and having ADB drivers working in it.

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    Re: Toshiba AT200 Excite adb usb driver download

    Yuppie! I have got the solution for having ADB connection work with Excite, before proceeding let me tell you that I havenít achieve it through USB but however I can simply get it working anyways which is the most necessary thing for me and also for others I guess. If its so then I can surely help you out with the steps for ADB working with Excite without giving any trouble or issue but in Linux Environment. Anyways below are the steps for the same, just follow and get ADB working into your tablet and do let me know the result once you follow the below steps:

    • First you need to enable the USB development on your AT200 Excite tablet; this is very much necessary to start the process
    • Then you should be able to plug it into a Linux system that should somehow have ADB enabled and working into it, after that you need to run ADB devices.
    • Once you do this you will now be able to see your tablet name i.e. Excite listed over there. However in my case I executed 'adb tcpip xxxx'.
    • With this the ADB is however set to be working and running through TCP/IP. After this just execute 'adb connect yyyy:xxxx' from your development system. While executing that text make sure that yyyy is going to be your Excite IP address and xxxx is going to be the chosen port address in the previous address. Thatís it. now you are done with everything, your ADB is ready to work with your windows PC. Try it out.

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