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Thread: Taking pics from Samsung Galaxy S III camera gives pink spot in images

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    Taking pics from Samsung Galaxy S III camera gives pink spot in images

    Like many people here in this forum even I am a ardent fan of this particular phone thatís why I keep on looking in the internet for some interesting hands on videos of this phone in one such particular instance I noticed a interesting thing I this phone the reviewer over there was checking the camera of the phone and on clicking the photograph he could see a pink like spot on the screen which was easily noticeable. Now I donít understand how come a great Smartphone like galaxy S iii who has a 8 megapixel camera will behave In such a way. A pink spot on the images thatís really disturbing to see that, so thatís why I have kept this phone on hold before purchasing this phone I want to do some research on the internet about the pho9ne and then only think about getting it.

    I want to know is this pink spot problem seen in many Smartphoneís? Thatís what I want to know? Because there are people who are friends of mine who are telling me that this is a kind of common problem with todayís new Smartphoneís? I donít believe them thatís why just for a confirmation I have come here to seek some opinion from you all. What do you all have to say about the same please start comment over here. I am waiting for your replies.

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    Re: Taking pics from Samsung Galaxy S III camera gives pink spot in images

    Yes it is a part of the modern day camera technology. Many Smartphoneís like htc one x, one s, galaxy note have reported these problems so thatís why we canít help anything about it. we will have to continue with those problems you know what it is not a bug but actually a problem thatís going on with this phone its been reported but the manufacturers havenít bothered to work on the problems at all. So thatís what the main issue is. however we as a end user must hope it gets solved out as soon as possible, thatís all we can expect from them.

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    Re: Taking pics from Samsung Galaxy S III camera gives pink spot in images

    I never had a problem on the Samsung galaxy s II what kind of problem are you talking the pink spots problem are normally seen in the htc phone you talk about htc one X I have seen a lot of people coming to me and telling about this particular problem. So thatís a common problem in that and I donít think galaxy note has this problem though its camera is not so awesome but it does not mean that it has the pink spot problem one of my friend owns it and I have clicked so many pics in it I haven't come across such kind of problem in that phone. so thatís all I have to say about this particular problem.

    Talking about Samsung galaxy S III then it is a new phone and I am quite sure there would be many people who would be jealous of such kind of phones thatís why they do spread out un-necessary rumors about this phone having so many problems and all but its good not to believe them. I would rather have this phone and check it out myself then listening to what some people say about this phone.

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