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Thread: Iphone 4s Siri features missing in Samsung Galaxy S III

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    Iphone 4s Siri features missing in Samsung Galaxy S III

    I have Apple iPhone 4G-S which I brought a last month. It has awesome features and specification. I heard about a lunching of new phone which is Samsung Galaxy S3. So I find features and specification of galaxy S3. Some people say that Samsung galaxy S3 have similar updates and some extra feature than Apple iPhone 4s. It has approx new 30 features but I donít expect any blasting feature like siri. I thought Samsung galaxy S3 is not beat to Apple iPhone 4S. Some people are disappointed because Samsung is failing to improve that kind of killer feature in Samsung galaxy S3. Anyone knows Samsung have Siri feature in galaxy S3 or that kind of new blasting features?

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    Re: Iphone 4s Siri features missing in Samsung Galaxy S III

    I have Samsung galaxy S2 which I brought before a few month. I think Samsung will add new feature in Samsung galaxy S3 which are not provided in galaxy S2 series. I want to tell you that Samsung was not trying to copy iPhone but try to improve the features for their customer. I think you are not aware with S-voice which is voice recognition service very similar to Siri. Samsung has much enough new features than iPhone 4S. IPhone 4s is basically same phone as iPhone 4 with new siri features and New Spec like CPU and camera but all other thing are same as IPhone 4. Siri is just new software Updates which run on any other device because it is just cloud base artificial intelligence. It is not depends on which device you are using to run siri but need connection to cloud server. Samsung galaxy has better screen resolution and much faster CPU than IPhone 4S. it also have long lasting battery backup, better camera, bigger screen and much improved software with many new features. It has completely new design not same design compare to IPhone.

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    Re: Iphone 4s Siri features missing in Samsung Galaxy S III

    I have Samsung galaxy nexus. It really nice phone which I am using from last many months but still donít get any trouble with this phone. Samsung is launching a new phone in galaxy series which have more new features and specification. I want to replace my nexus with Samsung galaxy S3 when it is available in India. It has 1.4 GHz cortex A9 processor which makes phone too faster. Samsung also have S-Voice Application which is similar to siri but it means not that Samsung copy features from other. Samsung is not creating copy of any phone but just providing new features which available in other phone. Apple is giving siri feature first that mean not that Samsung is copying feature from Apple. Siri is just new version of voice reorganization which already has in windows phone. it is also add many other new features like Smart Stay, Direct call, Direct call, Social tag, S Beam, AllShare Cast and many more.

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    Re: Iphone 4s Siri features missing in Samsung Galaxy S III

    Samsung is increasing their reputation in market by developing new features and phones like Samsung Galaxy S3. They introduce much number of great features in one phone and increase number of specification also. Samsung galaxy S3 is creating a blast in Indian market and many of people waiting for lunching to buy. I donít think siri is not that much important software because some people are not interested to talk with phone, some people are donít know foreign English, some command is not working proper you have to spoke 2-3 times. I donít think Samsung need to copy that kind of software.

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