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Thread: Samsung Galaxy S III looks very similar like iPhone

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    Samsung Galaxy S III looks very similar like iPhone

    I have just seen the preview of Samsung Galaxy SIII on internet and it looks very similar to iPhone 4s. Te looks and the feel are all same like iPhone 4s. The only difference I feel is in the size of the both phones, that is, Samsung Galaxy SIII seems bigger than iPhone 4s and also the main button of Samsung Galaxy SIII is square while iPhone has its main button in circular shape. Has anyone else who has seen the preview or seen Samsung Galaxy SIII in real can tell if they feel that Samsung Galaxy SII and iPhone look similar or not?

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S III looks very similar like iPhone

    The major difference that I felt between iPhone and Samsung Galaxy SIII is that Samsung Galaxy SIII comes with a large sized screen which looks beautiful until it is turned on. Once turned on it looks hideous as compared to the screen of the iPhone. I think that the 4.8 inch OLED screen used on Samsung Galaxy SIII does nothing but just add ugliness to the phone. Samsung Galaxy SII was beautiful in looks and I think that Samsung should have continued that same look even for Samsung Galaxy SIII. As compared to iPhone, Samsung Galaxy SIII is just an ugly phone. Also the main default display of the version of Android used in Samsung Galaxy SIII doesn’t look so good.
    The details that I read about Samsung Galaxy SIII, the CPU seems to be improved and also well benchmarked. The main thing that I am looking for is quality of GPU that will be made available in this phone. This phone boasts of 8 megapixel camera. It is normal to find such advanced camera in many high end smart phones nowadays. The main thing that I want to know is the resolution of the image that it will provide after clicking. Also in Samsung Galaxy SII, the image that would be clicked in general default settings, it would give a large number of pink spots. Unlike Samsung Galaxy SII, iPhone gives better quality picture than Samsung Galaxy SII. Also if one uses different options in the settings to improve the quality of the picture, the camera would be laggy. In other words, the framerate at which it can capture images would reduce.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S III looks very similar like iPhone

    I am excited about the touch screen that will be available in Samsung Galaxy SIII. In Samsung Galaxy SII, Touchbiz was used over the stock Android touch settings. Many users complained about bad touch precision provided by Touchbiz in the phone and demanded some way to go back to the stock Android touch settings. When I read the specifications of Samsung Galaxy SIII, I was happy to know that Samsung has dropped the idea of using Touchbiz in the phone and also not using the stock Android touch settings. Samsung has turned to use of ICS touch settings which will provide precision of touch and response similar to that of iPhone. To compete with Apple’s fanbois, Samsung will be having S Voice in Samsung Galaxy SIII. Also the Picture in Picture feature that is being mentioned along with the Samsung Galaxy SIII sounds great innovation by Samsung.

    Regarding the body of iPhoe and Samsung Galaxy SIII, I think that body of Samsung Galaxy SII was way better than that of iPhone. IPhone has metal body which looks good as it gives a different metallic luster and gives a rich feel to one who owns it. But on the dark side, the metal loses the luster after some months and starts looking like some ordinary phone. Also the scratches will be easily noticed on iPhone’s metallic body. Drop it from some small height and you will notice bumps and dents on the body of iPhone. But unlike iPhone, Samsung Galaxy SIII has a plastic body. Though plastic, it seems more durable than metal. It won’t be scratched and even if scratches are present, they wouldn’t be easily noticed. Also it won’t get dented or have bumps if it falls from user’s hand. If iPhone falls from some larger height, than it will shatter into pieces, but Samsung Galaxy SIII won’t as it is made of plastic and plastic parts are capable of holding themselves more securely.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S III looks very similar like iPhone

    Samsung should provide microSD slot for Samsung Galaxy SIII and also removable battery. I had great problem using Samsung Galaxy SII without removable battery. On long tours of business, where I wouldn’t get any place or source to recharge my phone’s battery, I would need to use second phone that I carried. If removable battery would have been provided by Samsung, I would have purchased more batteries and replaced the exhausted battery with the new ones. The non-existence for slot to add a new microSD memory card was another disadvantage of Samsung Galaxy SII. Many people complained about. I don’t use my phone to store much of the music, videos and other entertainment stuff, so the inbuilt memory was enough for me. This was because Samsung Galaxy SII was made using the unibody technique. It had its disadvantages but a good thing about this unibody is that it added more durability and sturdiness to the phone. Also the battery that was provided in Samsung Galaxy SII would usually face battery leaks. I hope Samsung has solved all these problems in Samsung Galaxy SIII.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S III looks very similar like iPhone

    Samsung Galaxy SIII will have the Zen theming provide in the Android operating system. I still hate the fact that Samsung Galaxy SII lacked the home key on the body and had some buttons on the on-screen menu. This buttons take a lot of space on the home screen which could have been used for extra widgets instead. According to the information that I have received about Samsung Galaxy SIII, it will be having an AMOLED HD+ display. I think that this type of screen is not much useful for smartphones and all it does is add to the cost of the phone. The screen will be useful to view videos of resolution like 306PPi and 720p. But again, videos of this high resolution will have a great file size. If there will be no feature to add extra memory card, then such display will be of no use.

    The cameras that will be used in Samsung Galaxy SIII will be of high quality and will have a lag free shutter and also the software that will be used in the phone will be of better quality than available in previous phones. I think that Samsung will try to provide camera of high quality similar to the iPhone. Also the sensors that are attached to the camera of Samsung Galaxy SIII will be of high quality. So I think that even at great resolution, I don’t think that picture clicked would become blurry.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S III looks very similar like iPhone

    Come on people, change is necessary to be made in everything, so Samsung has made changes in the looks of their phones. The S-Line design that was used for Samsung Galaxy SII was also use many other phones including Samsung Galaxy Nexus for past two years. Also Samsung is trying to compete with Apple and its products. It is a big thing to just competing with Apple and that too by developing their own products and not copying the competitor. I think that users and consumers should also accept the changes made by Samsung and get used to it. Also Samsung mustn’t have changed the architecture and design just for fun, there must be some intention behind it. Also this new looks seem ugly by if the functionality is taken into consideration that Samsung Galaxy SIII might become one of the best smartphone in the market and might also beat iPhone 4s. The previous models just looked like a dead rectangular slab of plastic, but now with added curves and new finishing, it gives a precious looks to the phone.

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