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Thread: How to get Sony HDR-PJ10E handycam to create mp4 files instead of MTS files?

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    How to get Sony HDR-PJ10E handycam to create mp4 files instead of MTS files?

    Hello friends, I am using the Sony HDR-PJ10E handycam and wanted to know that is there any method that it can record the videos in .mp4 format file? When I am recording the video then it is being saved in mts format, which I do not wanted to have for me. The problem is that if I wanted to play the video then I have converted it to a specific format so that I can play on my Mac system. I using the convertor so that I am able to import the videos on to iMovie, but when I am trying to play then it does not work and iMovie just crash. I was thinking that the problem is with iMovie but it was not with that, it was with the camera. Someone have told me that I should convert the video to mp4 format then try to play it iMovies, so for doing that I am wasting lot of time, converting all my video from handycam and saving it on hard disk. Does anyone is having any suggestion for doing this, then please do tell me, such that I wanted to set mp4 format as default. Thank you.

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    Re: How to get Sony HDR-PJ10E handycam to create mp4 files instead of MTS files?

    I think that you need to use some specific type of memory card for your handycam, whereas I am also using the same handycam but having the SanDisk extreme HD card, so you can also try one of them for you and check out that it is saving the videos in mp4 format or not. I have heard somewhere, whether it is true or not, if you are using some specific memory card then videos and photos are being saved in particular format. I do not remember carefully but it is given manual if you are using a some series memory card then only videos will be recorded in that format. So I would like to suggest that you better have a look on manual and see which types of memory card is required for it.

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    Re: How to get Sony HDR-PJ10E handycam to create mp4 files instead of MTS files?

    The last point which above user have stated is absolutely correct, if you wanted to have mp4 format file then you need to those card which are PRO Duo (Mark 2) / PRO-HG Duo/ SD/SDHC/SDXC (Class 4 or Higher). If your present card is of this series then your videos will be saved in mp4 format that also in HD. I would suggest that you better go to technical specification of this camera, just click on below link. When you will be going through the link then you will be able to understand which card should be used. I am very much sure that you are not using those cards which are being listed by Sony.

    Technical specification of Sony HDR-PJ10E handycam

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    Re: How to get Sony HDR-PJ10E handycam to create mp4 files instead of MTS files?

    If you do not know which cards are those then I would like to explain little about it. SD Card was first invented by SanDisk in 2001 and it was made from multi-media cards. If you simply check SD card then it is same as MMC (multi-media cards), only difference is that it is having digital rights management which is taken from CPRM, even SD cards are having the write protection switch also, which is being handle by user of the card. Earlier there were cards of size 1.1 GB which was standard one; it was not at all enough for any use, so after that size of card grew to 2 GB and more, due to which the SD 2.0 or SDHC standard were being added. When it was added then it is allowing the capacities to go up to 32 GB. If you check out the standard capacities then it is till 2 TB. First SD came then after the SDHC after which SDXC was being added. If you wanted to use the SDHC card then you will be getting till 32 GB, which is the limit of the card. SD cards and SDHC looks same, but you better check out which one it is before purchasing.

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    Re: How to get Sony HDR-PJ10E handycam to create mp4 files instead of MTS files?

    SanDisk is having a good range of SD and SDHC cards. If you wanted to have a higher capacity then SD cards are having a different design which will be not working for higher capacity things, you need to have Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) card for that. The SD associations of SanDisk have listed 4 types of SDHC class which tells you speed and performance capabilities/minimum requirements of the SDHC cards that are using and also it even tell about SDHC host products. The working of SDHC is totally different from SD cards. Even you can try to use the SDHC cards with legacy SD format host devices also. I would suggest that you go for the SanDisk Ultra memory cards which are being one of the best among them, those are the high-performance cards which are having the speed and reliability which is required to capture any moment, under any conditions. You will be getting a faster transfer rate with that, somewhat around 4MB/second. If you check out photographers and videographers then most of them are using these cards so that they can capture it faster and also more.

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