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Thread: Windows 7-64 bit won’t recognize Sony DCR-HC47e handycam

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    Windows 7-64 bit won’t recognize Sony DCR-HC47e handycam

    Hello friends, I have recently purchased Sony DCR-HC47e handycam for me, I have gone out with my family click some photos and also some videos. Yesterday evening I was trying to connect my handycam with my laptop, so that I can transfer all the videos and photos to my laptop, but there was problem for doing it. The problem is that Windows 7 64-bit is not able to recognize the handycam. I have done the connection properly used correct cables for it, and then also it was not able to detect it. I do not know what it is the problem. I am using the latest PMB (Picture Motion Browser) software on to my laptop. I have thought that I should do the update of USB drivers for handycam, but there were no USB drivers for windows 7. Does anyone is having the method to solve the problem and make handycam recognized by my laptop. Please help me with it. Thank you.

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    Re: Windows 7-64 bit won’t recognize Sony DCR-HC47e handycam

    I would like to suggest you that first go to device manager and check the USB are detecting the handycam or not, if it is showing unknown device connected then there is missing of USB drivers. Then you need to update the USB drivers for that, well most of the time there is no need to download the drivers, if you are connecting for the first time then drivers are being installed automatically or downloaded. If that has happened and then also it is not detecting then I think you need to update USB 2.0 drivers. You can update from the windows update, just check for those drivers and download it. Once download and install then it will be able to detect the handycam, even other devices also. The USB drivers become the main problem of not detecting handycam.

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    Re: Windows 7-64 bit won’t recognize Sony DCR-HC47e handycam

    I have heard about this problem and it most of the time it has happened due to USB cable. I would suggest that you use of other USB cable to connect the handycam with your laptop. Sometime the problem also refers to system specification; I think that you might be having the iLink or FireWire socket on your laptop. There was a user who have used the High Grade - Firewire Cable for its handycam, earlier he was also facing the same problem but when he has used this cable and connected to its system then it was detected and was also to transfer all it videos, photos to its system. If you like to have it, so search it on Amazon and place the order for you. If your video editing package which is having free Windows Live Movie Maker then those are capable to capture video directly from the source of FireWire and when it is doing this then there is no need to have drivers all those, such that it is being automatically detected and installed. If you are not having the iLink or FireWire socket on your system then get one from Amazon, just go for Belkin Firewire 3-Port PCI Card, best for windows 7 users and works perfectly.

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    Re: Windows 7-64 bit won’t recognize Sony DCR-HC47e handycam

    There might be problem with the sockets of your handycam, it might not be working. I would suggest that better purchasing anything just check it is being detected on other system or not, if it is not then you are having faulty handycam for you. I know that it not will be possibility but then also you better check it out and if the problem is due to that then you can at least get it solved. You will be able to get the USB drivers for your handycam, just need to search it on Google. You will be getting plenty of links which are providing the drivers for specific Sony handycam.

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