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Old 07-05-2012
Join Date: Mar 2012
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Is Nokia X2-01 upgradable to Symbian Belle?

I am having this phone and I want to know will this phone be upgradeable to Symbian belle? I know it would be a very difficult thing as of now but what about in the future, what do you all think will it be upgradeable?

Because I am sick and tired of this S40 OS I want to get rid of it as soon as possible. I liked the interface of this new belle and also its functionality's is quite cool. That?s why I was wondering if this phone would be upgradeable to Symbian belle or not? If it is then do tell I would be keeping this phone for some time with me. Otherwise I am thinking to sell it off to my friend. Whatever your replies are please let me know about it. I am waiting for the response.
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Old 07-05-2012
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Re: Is Nokia X2-01 upgradable to Symbian Belle?

No, is the answer for your question the current hardware of this phone is suitable only for the Symbian S40 phone and not any other OS. Forget about Symbian belle this phone wont be upgradeable to Symbian S60 as well, belle is quite far away.

So stop living in such kind of dreams wherein the reality is not a possibility. So if you are planning to sell the phone in the near future then do it because this phone cant be updated now as well as in the future as well.

I hope you have got the necessary answers. That?s all I have for you.
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Old 08-05-2012
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Re: Is Nokia X2-01 upgradable to Symbian Belle?

Hey what you can do is search for some kind of themes which look like symbian belle . That?s what you can do, download that theme and install it in the phone. Symbian belle is a out of world different operating system which small phones like Nokia X2-01 cant even think of running in it . as the above user said this phone supports a different hardware config, that?s why it wont run on it.

Nokia X2-01 sucks big time. even I had made a big mistake some months ago when I had brought this phone. don?t be fooled by its looks but it is completely opposite to it. the advertisements flash a lot of apps such as youtube, hi5, facebook applications supported I nthe phone but they don?t. The most basic application youtube does not work. It gets opened up fine but when I search for some videos and click on play. There is only a blank screen that gets displayed and nothing else. Which I find very irritating. That?s why I have sold that phone to my phone who was in a desperate need of a phone. that?s why I sold it for half an amount.
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Old 09-05-2012
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Re: Is Nokia X2-01 upgradable to Symbian Belle?

Just don?t talk blunders in this forum. Who told you it is a stupid phone it is a real nice phone. ask me I am the owner of this phone from past a year and a half and I haven?t seen such problems.

Now coming to the main question Nokia X2-01 isn?t upgradable to Symbian belle. It won?t upgrade to that OS.

Now coming to the second question if you aren?t able to play you tube videos in your phone then its your mistake that you didn?t took any kind of outside reference for the help. We could have solved the problem for you that?s what we could have done. Anyways there must e some problem with the network settings in the phone. go to the configuration option in that there is default config settings, and then there is preferred access point. Select your service provider. For an example if you are a tata docomo user then you must select tata docomo internet. Just below it there is an option called as default in all apps then select and make such setting default for all such applications. I hope you must have understood what I am trying to say here.
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