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Thread: Can we make a call from Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

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    Can we make a call from Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

    Everyone knows that right now the Samsung galaxy Tab 2 10.1 is not yet available in all countries. Still some countries need to wait for this device to available in market. The Australia is also in the same list. I have seen that there is a option to call people from this Tab? I donít know whether there is a 3G version Tab available or not. Still I want to know if you can still make a call on it if there is a non 3G version.

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    Re: Can we make a call from Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

    There is no way you can make a call from a WiFi only version. In order to make a call you should have SIM inserted in it and the Tab does have support for this. Otherwise there is no way you can make a call. Some USB 3G dongle connected to Android tablet allow you to make a call but it will need a proper application installed on the Tablet and this feature is available only in few tablets. I donít know about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 yet. The only possibility is you can make a call through skype or nimbuzz or something like that. You need a faster internet connection in order to make call through those apps.

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    Re: Can we make a call from Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

    I have heard that the tablet also has a Samsung phone application which can also be obtained with video-calling. Calling on a tablet is not very convenient and Samsung has also ensured that only through a headset or speaker can. People naturally want not such a great device to their ear seen. The Galaxy Tab has a phone next to a keyboard application that also your log and includes your favorite contacts. Also a button to all contacts and Samsung has a feature built: among favorites is a list of contacts who you most frequently dialed numbers, so you too easily. The contacts application Bide integration with Facebook and Twitter, which lets you include the contact information and status updates, can view photos. Also there is a tab at the contact info with all messages and calls you to the person you sent in the past. You can also add a lot of information and the contacts application with many services simultaneously. However if there is a front camera included in the Tab, you can also make video calls over 3G or 4G network if it is supported.

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    Re: Can we make a call from Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

    The Galaxy Tab is the first tablet on the market that really can be called. You can call through the speakers or a headset. The quality of calls is fine and the ringtones of the Galaxy Tab are good. The range of the sim is fine. We ourselves have tested this with KPN and we hardly encounter problems. Also with the internet and call, we always can get coverage and connectivity. Today the new model, the Galaxy Tab 2 which undoubtedly is a device very well thought out and far future. But what's the point of a tablet can call? Ever actually use fewer phones to make calls. Its use is based on applications and Internet access. And what better than a tablet machine to do this? If you also have to call someone can do that without problems.

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    Re: Can we make a call from Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

    Making call or receiving call on Tablet is completely dependent on Hardware capability. Some tablets hardware is incapable of GSM phone calls. I have heard that previously Honeycomb tablets can't make/receive GSM phone calls; it's a software limitation. There was not hardware related limitation. Basically, any GSM/UMTS modem is integrally capable of making or receiving regular phone calls. I am pretty sure that Samsung does integrated call feature in this tablet. We can assume its capability just by seeing its price. Usually cheaper tablets will not come with these features in any manner because the integrated GSM/UMTS modem cost more.

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