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Thread: Can i use toslink cable with Dell n7110

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    Can i use toslink cable with Dell n7110

    I am using Dell n7110 laptop in which I have windows 7 operating system. My laptop is working absolutely fine and it is has all the features which I was looking for. I normally use my laptop for watching movies and playing games. I am looking to buy toslink 3.5mm cable but I donít know whether my Dell n7110 laptop is compatible with it or not? I use to get output from my Yamaha receiver via HDMI but I want to get output though SPDIF. If anyone has any suggestion regarding this then let me know. Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Can i use toslink cable with Dell n7110

    I think Dell n7110 does not have digital out, I am not sure if your laptop have digital out then you can use toslink cable and if it does not have digital out then you can use external sound card. One I can suggest you is Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro. This external sound card comes with USB Cable, RCA (male) to 3.5mm Jack (male) adapter, Remote and driver CD. Main features of this soundcard are 96/24, THX TruStudio Pro, Dolby Live, EQ, Crystalizer, EAX 4.0, EAX Advanced HD, 5.1 channels.

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    Re: Can i use toslink cable with Dell n7110

    Yes you can use Creative X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro but I would like to tell you that instead of going for Creative X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro you can go for Creative X-Fi HD or Creative X-Fi Elite Pro as these both are better than that of Creative X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro. Here I would like to explain you about all three as per their sound quality.

    Creative X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro

    The sound is much focused playing. The sound is clear and neutral, but it sounds like the resolution to be too short for the nice detailed sound in the ears to play. Think of it as playing a modern game at 640x480. You miss a lot of detail even though it also looks very beautiful. The sound is pretty good but lacks a lot. The sound is not really loose so it clearly sounds like a recording and you do not have the opportunity for you to live on the sound that gives the illusion that you're there live. In terms of sound it reminds me of an older map towards the first generation of Sound Blaster Live for the PCI bus.

    Creative X-Fi HD

    No more noise and bright neutral sound quality as can be found in top model X-Fi Elite Pro. This card has very good dynamics and gives you great detail.

    Creative X-Fi Elite Pro

    This top model produces very high quality sound, neutral in tone, clear with very high dynamics and detail. A good recording lets you easily drawn into the illusion that you're there live.

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    Re: Can i use toslink cable with Dell n7110

    I have searched the information about this laptop on internet and I come to know that Dell n7110 laptop only have HDMI audio port which means either you need to use external sound card or you have to use HDMI splitter. I will suggest you to go for external soundcard which will give you better quality. If you need any more solution regarding this then let me know.

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    Re: Can i use toslink cable with Dell n7110

    With the help of HDMI splitter you can split the digital audio out on your Dell n7110 laptop. HDMI splitter will allow you to split output to DVI and optical digital. I am telling you this because I was also looking solution for digital output from my laptop and I tried to find solution on internet and I have come to know that using HDMI splitter is good option.

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