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Thread: Nokia PC suite cache wasting too much space in hard disk

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    Nokia PC suite cache wasting too much space in hard disk

    I have Nokia N8 mobile phone which I brought last year. It is nice phone and have smooth touch screen. I am always using my phone for movies and games. It is support HD games and movies and I love it. I was installed Ovi PC suite to sync my phone with PC. It creates a cache folder in my computer hard disk when I install the PC suite. The size of cache folder is too large more than 800MB which is wasting space in my hard Disk because size of my Hard disk is not much larger. So, why does Ovi need that much amount of space? I want to know should I delete this folder or not? And if I delete his folder so it creates any problem?

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    Re: Nokia PC suite cache wasting too much space in hard disk

    I am also a Nokia user. So I am also installed Nokia Pc suite in laptop to sync my phone and having a same trouble. When I see my disk is full and shows message low disk space so I decided to poke around and see what’s taking up spaces. I see that my Nokia PC suite cache folder is taking more than 1GB. I decided to move this folder to Recycle Bin and restart pc and check my PC suite is working or not. I did it and after that PC suite is working properly. Now size of cache folder is something 200MB. And all is working fine. Deleting of cache folder is not creating any problem but some file is not deleted from this folder which is needed to run this folder. This cache folder holds much stuff which is not really you need. It is good to delete this folder if you want to save some space in your hard drive.

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    Re: Nokia PC suite cache wasting too much space in hard disk

    I am also using Nokia pc suite and many software which create cache folder. cache folder is created at the time of installation of software which contain extracted part of setup, regular Updates, temporary sync data, encrypted files which is supported to run software, etc . so, when you are deleting cache folder it cannot totally remove because some file are needed for proper running the software. When you are try to delete this folder some file is deleted and some shows so and so file is used by person or program and it was not deleted. As per my suggestion deleting of cache folder is not good to proper running of software.

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