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Thread: Wifi not working in Nokia Asha 302

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    Wifi not working in Nokia Asha 302

    I had got this phone recently from one of the popular stores near my area and its been only few weeks since I got it. I was not interested in getting this phone because I was not at all impressed with the looks and the features but my friend suggested me to get this phone. So thatís why I went ahead and got this phone. now it is clearly written that this phone is WIFI supported, so I connected this phone with the wifi hotspot at my place. I did start browsing but the pages were unable to load I wasnít able to do anything with the wifi kept ON. I reported this issue with the nokia care and they told me that they are aware of such issue and they are working hard to get it fixed. So I was a bit relaxed, thinking that I will get a call from their center on the necessary fix but they did not bother to revert me back and I was just waiting for them to answer me out. 25 days have been passed out nokia people havenít developed any update for the problem. I just wonder how many people would be having this same kind of problem in their phones. Thatís why I donít recommend such kind of phones. Donít know whatís wrong with Nokia they suddenly have started producing such kind of low grade phones.

    I have come here with the purpose of getting the above issue fixed. I am sure that I will be able to get some definite solution for this problem.

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    Re: Wifi not working in Nokia Asha 302

    One of my friend with the same phone had the same problem. So he came up to me and showed out I did try every possible thing that was possible with me but still it did not work out. So I told him to show it to the nokia center. So he agreed to this. His phone was taken to the Nokia center and kept there for some days. He got the phone back after 5 days and when we enquired about the necessary solution for the problem the people out there told me that they refreshed the software and Setup the Access Point settings. Now I checked the wifi everything is perfect as of now. He is getting a descent browsing speed as well as he can stream videos in it as well. so happy to see that the issue finally getting fixed. So those who all havenít got the problem fixed then I would advise them to take their phones to the Nokia center and in case if people out there are not ready to get the issue fixed then demand a replacement phone against the old. I am sure after listening to this they will surely work it out soon for you.

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    Re: Wifi not working in Nokia Asha 302

    Have you tried connecting your device with any other wifi access point? If not then do it as soon as possible that would be better. In fact that will give an exact idea of the problem. If the problem is with the phone or the wifi access point. In case if that does not help then I would ask you to do a soft reset on the phone which can be done by pressing *#7780# and entering the default password for your phone which is 12345. Now soft reset is a safe operation that you can perform on the phone what it will do is restore the settings of your phone and that too without deleting your data. Still if nothing is working out then you can go ahead with the hard reset which is done by dialing *#7370# and enter the default password for the phone which is 12345. Now before going ahead with the hard reset operation let me warn you that it is a bit risky operation and it will wipe out all the data of your phone. so very important to keep a backup of all the data in your phone and then store it accordingly somewhere. Best is to keep a back up either in the external storage medium or Nokia Suite. So do give a try for the said solution and let me know if it works for you or not.

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    Re: Wifi not working in Nokia Asha 302

    I am sorry if I havenít mentioned the hard reset thing in my first post. But I have already done hard reset a lot number of times in my phone and still I did not experience any kind of change In the phone. Can you all believe that? I just donít understand on which part of the world was that nokia store located which fixed up the issue for you, even I want an address of that nokia care center. So that they can fix up the issue for me. I am just tried visiting the nokia care center at my area and they end up giving me the same kind of excuse I donít want that. Hope there is some kind of update coming up from the nokia as soon as possible.

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