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Thread: Battery life, Scrolling, Mail for Exchange and PEAP/EAP on Nokia Asha 302

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    Battery life, Scrolling, Mail for Exchange and PEAP/EAP on Nokia Asha 302

    Hello friends I am planning to buy this new Nokia Asha 302 Smartphone but I am having some kind of queries regarding some things which I have mentioned in the title itself as I use all those application and feature the most. So I would like to know in full details about all the things. So guys please let me know as many details as possible.

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    Re: Battery life, Scrolling, Mail for Exchange and PEAP/EAP on Nokia Asha 302

    Would like to tell you each and every details of Nokia Asha 302 which would cover all the information you required.

    Nowadays, usually, if you go to think of procuring a Smartphone designed to be fully meeting the needs of a customers of business, you must put your heart in peace, if you want a quality product you need to spend not a little, and not just mean that in a couple of hundred dollars cannot go. At least, until now. In fact, during the festival of Coated Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Nokia has aroused no little interest by presenting Asha 302, belonging to the first Series 40 Smartphone with full support for Mail Exchange frames.

    Asha in the Nokia 302 are also a convenient full QWERTY keyboard - still accompanied by a touch screen ideal for typing in fluency and agility work email and documents of every kind. All this, of course, a very low price. The rest of the technical Moreover, there is to be noted too, is anything but low-level we find a reasonably powerful processor, a camera for intermediate and excellent power reserve. Nokia Asha 302 is a rampant Smartphone dedicated specifically to professional users where before we can appreciate the presence of a small TFT 2.4-inch diagonal able to offer a resolution of 240 x 320 pixel display 256,000 different colors and where there is an integrated resistive touch screen technology. The camera is frankly better than we expected: 3.15-megapixel sensor that can also record VGA resolution video at 15 fps.

    Continuing exploration of the data sheet Nokia Asha 302 is also observed the presence of: Features a media player, audio jack of 3.5 mm diameter, SNS support, quick access to social networks like Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp internal capacity of 100 MB, slot for memory cards microSD compatible media types of up to 32 GB, FM radio tuner, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, connectivity modules GPRS, EDGE and HSDPA (14.4 Mbps maximum speed) and support for Mail for Exchange.

    Display and look

    It 'clear that in designing a cell phone, or rather of a Smartphone like the Nokia Asha 302, many contributing factors in deciding on the type and size of the screen. Being a relatively inexpensive device, and also features a sliding full QWERTY keyboard, in all probability we would not have been able to aspire to something more that we find the component, 2.4-inch diagonal Resolution 240 x 320 pixels. 256,000 the number of colors perceptible with this screen and, as already mentioned, we find in it an integrated touchscreen technology, even if it seems necessary to remark that it is a resistive and a capacitive more modern and efficient.

    Cute, but obviously not too young and quirky, the look of Nokia Asha 302: although it is a phone designed and calculator all in one piece, the presence of some chrome detailing make it a very stylish device, and lighten the structure. You can choose between the colors White, Red Plum, Golden Light, Mid Grey and Dark Blue.


    We will not hesitate a second longer, and once we define the exceptional power reserve. The lithium ion 1320 mAh lithium may in fact offer 830 hours of standby, 50 hours of music playback and 7 hours of phone conversation continued.


    Lightweight and compact: take on business trips Asha 302 will not be a burden. The Smartphone measures 13.5 mm in thickness, 58.9 mm in width and 115.2 mm in height, all in a weight of 106 grams, including battery.


    Nokia Asha 302 has a slot for memory cards microSD compatible media types of up to 32 GB which should add up to 100 MB of internal capacity present: perfectly average, given the price and range of membership of the Smartphone.

    Processor and operating system

    If the processor is a good component of 1 GHz, and there you cannot complain, the operating system - Nokia OS - leaves a bit 'stumped only time will tell if it is treated to a balanced decision. It has 128 MB of RAM, while the ROM is 256 MB.


    Clearly, given that in the minds of technicians and engineers have carefully designed this instrument was already obvious that it was dedicated to business class - even if they are young - it goes without saying that the camera was a component that allowed the time he could find. Nevertheless, it could be worse: at the end of the sensor is honest with its 3.15 megapixel resolution, and can also record VGA video (i.e. at 640 x 480 pixels) at up to 15 fps. Absent then the secondary sensor front, but then it would be really a post to the limits of the futility, and it was necessary to contain costs.

    The multimedia

    Nokia hardly disappoint in this aspect - the multimedia sector of Nokia Asha 302. They answer the call because all the features of the canonical case, as the FM radio tuner, the audio jack of 3.5 mm in diameter and the application of audio and video playback, compatible with many different files.


    It is now known as important today to stay connected to the web a bit 24h/24h' for all, let alone people who work there. Well, Asha 302 from this point of view really does his best: in fact, present GPRS, EDGE and HSDPA, with a top speed of 14.4 Mbps but if you want to use their ADSL network at home, office or hotspot some public place, do not worry, there is also Wi-Fi. Finally, another interesting feature, namely the Nokia Browser cloud-accelerated, able to optimize your Web connection to browse the network as quickly as possible.

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