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Thread: Unable to Sync iTunes library on Windows Phone 7 using Mac OS X

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    Unable to Sync iTunes library on Windows Phone 7 using Mac OS X

    Hello friends I have got a new Nokia Lumia 800 which is a Windows Phone 7 on my Birthday from my parents. Now as I am trying to connect my phone to my Macbook to just take some videos, music, and some pictures from my Macbook to the phone. But I am not able to understand how I can do as I am not been able to do it just unable to Sync iTunes. So guys can anyone let me know what all things I need to do and if possible also let me know how to do? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Unable to Sync iTunes library on Windows Phone 7 using Mac OS X

    If you are one of the lucky owners of a device with Windows Phone 7 and Mac users, sure you've wondered, how do I add music and other files to my new device? The solution is pretty simple and comes on the heels of Microsoft itself. This is the Windows Phone Connector, synchronization solution that Microsoft has released for Mac users. This application also synchronize your music, photos, videos, you can upgrade the operating system of your phone when an update is available.

    The interesting thing about this application is that it uses ultimate media library (iTunes) as the basis for synchronization, this means that we can synchronize the same way we do with an iPod or iPhone, and you can select artists, albums, or already created playlists in iTunes, facilitating life extremely and so avoid creating duplicate music and more.

    As a interest, note that once you start the program and recognizes the phone, the application runs iTunes (if not running) and leaves it open, and if we have any IOS device connected to your Mac or if you have enabled the option to Wi-Fi sync, it will begin to synchronize.

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    Re: Unable to Sync iTunes library on Windows Phone 7 using Mac OS X

    The software, called Windows Phone 7 Connector, does not resemble the Zune software on Windows, but has a typical Apple look. Include movies and playlists via the software can be put on the device. Pictures taken with the device shall be automatically imported into iPhoto. The Mac software is not downloadable. The Zune client for the PC is already available for Windows Phone 7. Multiple platforms now offer iTunes integration: including HTC does with its synchronization software. There are programs available to Smartphone’s to sync with a Mac, like Missing Sync and Media Sync. Windows Phone 7 is the new Microsoft operating system for Smartphone’s. Among HTC, Samsung, LG and Dell make Smartphone’s based on the OS.

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    Re: Unable to Sync iTunes library on Windows Phone 7 using Mac OS X

    You do not want to compete on infrastructure, which applies to software and hardware. These are the services that go over it. I would like my iPhone and my HTC from my wife can both sync and operate from a single environment. The money for all fixed and mobile media and devices. What should I do with several TV setup boxes, media systems, etc., I'll just "old fashioned" a cable service and selection.

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    Re: Unable to Sync iTunes library on Windows Phone 7 using Mac OS X

    Close wonder about everything? Come on. Of the Wintel platform, perhaps, but there is so much more than that. Microsoft also sells products that THEY decide what YOU can put on there (Zune, XBox, etc). In that respect differences both manufacturers not so much from each other. The only difference is that the user base for Windows is much bigger than Apple, so that more applications are available. Functionally you can on a Mac exactly as on a PC and vice versa, so what does that matter you have nothing for it. What I would like to see interoperability between different platforms.

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    Re: Unable to Sync iTunes library on Windows Phone 7 using Mac OS X

    Just follow these steps.
    • Rename your device (default is the name of the phone, Lumia 800);
    • Check the box Automatically Sync When this device is connected to automatically synchronize your phone upon connection to the Mac;
    • Check the box Import photos and videos from my device to my Mac to import your photos and videos taken with your phone in your iPhoto library;
    • Check the box Resize images to fit screen device to resize images to the phone's screen resolution (space saving significant);
    • Check the box Show synchronization errors to display synchronization errors (for example, the files could not be copied for lack of space);
    • Click Delete All to delete all Content (music, podcasts, videos, photos) on your phone;
    • Click the Ignore Device to remove the "partnership" between the Mac and your phone (e.g. if you want to sync with another Mac or PC);
    • Check the box Sync music information from the Zune service to synchronize information on your favorite music from the Zune service.

    Now just click on Done button and your changes would be done.

    Synchronize your library (iTunes and iPhoto) to your Windows Phone 7 (Nokia Lumia 800)

    In the left column, scroll through the different types of media and allow (or not) synchronize your music library; photos and now click on the checkbox Sync music from iTunes library. You can either sync everything (all music by checking Select) or manually select files in the list. Repeat the operation for your photos, videos, TV shows, movies and podcasts. Finally, Browse Device lets you browse media files on your phone and delete them if necessary by clicking on the button delete selected items (use cmd and shift keys for your selection). Software, despite the fact that it is in beta and still missing a few options, works perfectly! Essential for all Mac-users with a Windows Phone 7 of course!

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