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Thread: How to sync Nokia E5 with Macbook Pro?

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    How to sync Nokia E5 with Macbook Pro?

    Hello friends I am using Mac for the first time so I have this kind of a query please donít mind. I also got a new Nokia E5 last week and now I what to Sync my Nokia E5 with Macbook Pro. I am using Mac OS 10.7.3 Lion in my Macbook Pro. And let me tell you I am using outlook in Mac instead of I-Cal or Address Book.

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    Re: How to sync Nokia E5 with Macbook Pro?

    Often many people ask me how I synchronize my phone Nokia now that I've switched to Mac. The answer is quite simple, although there is no PC suite for Mac OS X includes iSync that is an application that allows most phones synchronize with the calendar (iCal) and contacts (Address Book). Thus we have our daily phone perfectly. In addition to the issue of transferring music, photos, videos and applications is the Nokia multimedia transfer that allows us to synchronize your phone with iTunes and iPhoto, either by cable or by using bluetooth. Since Nokia did some very simple the whole process and if you have recently changed to Leopard do not worry, as there is new version for Mac OS. Now people just need to remove an application from Nokia to update the firmware on our phone from our Mac.

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    Re: How to sync Nokia E5 with Macbook Pro?

    Besides Front Row in Mac OS X iSync Lion also disappeared and it is difficult for the owners of a Nokia phone for example. The iSync application was mainly used for synchronizing the contacts in Address Book. Besides Nokia, there are several brands that made use of iSync. If you still have a backup of Mac OS X Snow Leopard than it is possible to reset iSync and use under Mac OS X Lion. Only the iSync application itself is missing in OS X Lion, the underlying synchronization framework is still there and is also used for MobileMe. You can iSync on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard found in the folder:


    Any installed plug-in bundles for your phone are stored in the folder:

    /Library/Phone Plugins

    Place the and plug-in on Mac OS X Lion back into the same folder, 'Phone plug-in' you must manually create under Mac OS X Lion. Please note that the above directories are located in the root and NOT in the home.

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    Re: How to sync Nokia E5 with Macbook Pro?

    ISync is Apple software that allows synchronization of Address Book and iCal between your Mac and mobile phones, but not all handsets are supported (list). Nova media extends the list of compatible models thanks to its software. "For non-iPhone, iSync is still the easiest way to sync contacts and calendars with Mac OS X," says Jan Fuellemann, Head of Media Nova: "Our iSync plugins is one of the best solutions to use iSync with Behaves Additional phones and assisted by our complete support and fast." iSync Phone Plugins 6.0 costs 10 Euro while the update is free to have purchased a license last year. It must have at least Mac OS X 10.5.8 or Mac OS X 10.6.

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    Re: How to sync Nokia E5 with Macbook Pro?

    It's been a long time that users of Nokia Symbian S60 (three generations) "galerent" to synchronize their Smartphone with their beloved Mac. Since April 5, this is now done via a plugin Nokia. The list of compatible phones is available in that site. Well I'm glad to see that if I pass on the apple, my E61 is compatible. Installation procedure (requires Mac OS X 10.4.9 or higher):
    - Make a plug-in added support exists for your model on the Nokia site
    - Make sure iSync is not running
    - Open the plug-in you downloaded by double clicking on the installer and then included
    - Once the installation is complete, you can launch iSync

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