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Thread: What do you mean by Mobile Hotspot?

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    What do you mean by Mobile Hotspot?

    Basically I have some question and almost all are on mobile Hotspot so I have created this kind of title so that all kind of Mobile Hotspot can be counted in this thread itself. By the way my questions are:
    • Is Wireless internet reality?
    • What you need for wireless surfing?
    • What is Hot Spot Wi-Fi?
    • How to Find a Hot Spot?
    • Can I create my Hot Spot?

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    Re: What do you mean by Mobile Hotspot?

    What you need for wireless surfing?

    Practically every personal computer is fixed and portable, though not updated, can be connected to a network in a Hot Spot. In fact there are wireless network cards for all needs and with every type of hardware interface, while the commitment of resources in terms of processor speed and amount of RAM is no different from a normal network connection (LAN cable). For Desktop PCs are available to match the Access Point Router fixed wireless cards in the form of internal cards or USB key. In notebooks often prefer to use a PCMCIA card. Moreover, if the notebook is new, it is often already equipped with wireless connectivity. Connect to a Wi-Fi is also available via mobile devices "business" such as PDAs, Smartphone’s, cell phones and new mobile players, provided they have wireless connectivity.

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    Re: What do you mean by Mobile Hotspot?

    Wireless internet: is reality

    The wireless technology (wireless) is intended to leave the workplace messy and presence of cables in the connection of various personal computer to the data network and Internet. Wireless connections can be made there is immediately an irreplaceable comfort and soon the world of 'information technology has promoted several ways to make this technology more and more mature and truly universal use.

    It can be said that the wireless has grown hand in hand with the growing success of the notebook and all new mobile communication devices: fly book, handhelds, Smartphone’s, and now also a leading player audio / video devices and new mobile phones. The challenge is to create opportunities for people to bring the Internet at any time, with its irreplaceable availability of information, working papers, the world of personal contacts with managed e-mail, instant messages, and phone calls via mobile operator or over-IP (i.e. using the Internet to transmit the call).

    It's a challenge he sees as contenders traditional fixed telephony operators, which often provide the access network, mobile operators are grappling with the high costs of UMTS technology and Internet phone companies like Skype. The conflicting interests still well rooted in this challenge are as a direct result of offering very high availability, but also the difficulty of orientation to make the choice "right". A closer look is the typical situation of a market that is emerging.

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    Re: What do you mean by Mobile Hotspot?

    I would give you some tips to create Hotspot

    The possibilities that come from being able to have a wireless network are so many interesting that many people have decided to create one at home. In the home you should not talk about Hot Spot, at least in cases where access is only a private. The usefulness of an access point at home is important as this is beyond the absence of too many cables lying around, and involves the full range of home entertainment. All audio, video and pictures of family can be stored in a single PC or even a small server, and then be made available anywhere in the home over any other wireless device or better to be integrated with the home theater system using a Media Extender. At home using a computer-type Media Center will make use of the content even easier, while enjoying the superior qualities of noise typical of these devices.

    To create a hot spot at home or at work you must first have a stable connection to ADSL broadband, best kind of flat. A simple USB modem is not enough, should be replaced with a Wireless Router, which provides both physical ports on a LAN, is the 'wireless access point. If you already have a router, you can combine an access point device that connects via a network cable to the router and that is to release the signal in the room. Please note that the signal range of usually not more than a few tens of meters in free field, while the walls are a pretty important barrier to the propagation of the signal. The choice of using a signal not very powerful derives from the intention of not saturate the environments of use common with too high levels of electromagnetic waves. The location of the access point is therefore important to maximize the signal reflections on the walls and place the antenna at strategic points. There are, however, the market signal repeaters.

    Created the access point you can choose to manage it entirely privately communicating only to their customers, or to join the internet community that will make public the new Hot Spot. In the management of an access point is very important to the safety aspect, as well as the need for effective systems for access authorization. Protocols have been developed for data encryption called WEP and WPA, which combined with a password system capable of providing access to the selected network. As a minimum precaution is always useful to remember that in case of absence is always advisable to turn off the network, unless you have created a public Hot Spot always operational.

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    Re: What do you mean by Mobile Hotspot?

    As 3 questions have been answered I will give you the remaining 2 answers.

    What is Hotspot Wi-Fi?

    For Hot Spot is an area bounded by the field of public access coverage of a wireless signal that allows access to the internet via Wi-Fi access, which can be completely free of charge, subject to the drink in local bars as and restaurants, or pay at the cashier of the restaurant. The standard currently in use is the '802.11. The potential for exploitation of wireless technology have appeared immediately clear, and soon it was realized that a Hot Spot has all the characteristics to become a unique vehicle for communication, information and socialization. In other words, a Hot Spot was born to a personal or business use, with some changes can become a gateway to the internet to all who are within range and that have a terminal capable of accessing Wi-Fi. Many public places are equipped to provide customers access to wireless internet service, so that it becomes a promotional tool.

    The Hot Spot network has expanded interesting places of common use (airports, railway stations, motorway service stations, schools, universities, community). The field of possible applications of the technology Wi-Fi is potentially infinite, and it now only glimpsed the first development. Transit in the area of a wireless network, and then into a Hot Spot allows much more than just surf: it becomes possible to manage their travel box e-mail, chat, play online, and participate in forums, call-over-ip. But you can already imagine the rest: traveling on a highway blanketed by a signal will allow exchange of information in real-time traffic conditions, distance to the description of the places visited by groups of different vehicles, but will of course be possible to share music and listen to Internet radio stations from around the world, wherever you are.

    Another application field is the entertainment staff: already on the market are coming out the first portable player that can download audio and video directly from the network, provided you are in a Hot Spot. Another application that is emerging about mobile phones that rely solely on wireless network or as an alternative to traditional landline phone in the first case let you make calls virtually free. The network of the Hot Spot is getting thicker and appears on the horizon its possible evolution: the Wi-Max, which allows the Internet to transmit the signal over long distances with few antennas, thus covering much larger areas.

    How to Find a Hot Spot?

    Many websites provide information on the location of the Hot Spot: A complete list would be long: better to search on a date by typing key words as: "Public Hot Spot". Not all of the Hot Spot are free: for example, motorway service stations allow access only to cases addressing fee. There are also chains of Hot Spot who combine their energies to make themselves known on the network or user community owners of Hot Spot home or business that you exchange the possibility of free access to the Internet. Many meeting places like bars and restaurants offer free access to customers, others allow the 'temporary access and then take a time tariffs. To find a hot spot is therefore essential to consult the network, but you can try it for yourself by trying to access your terminal: sometimes you get lucky!

    Check this thread also as it can be also helpful for you.
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