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Thread: Mozilla Firefox 12 hang’s at Connection Stage.

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    Mozilla Firefox 12 hang’s at Connection Stage.

    I have been using Mozilla Firefox for a while now on my desktop computer which is running on Windows Xp. Recently my Firefox is getting hangs at the connecting stage for an hours. It will not shutdown even by using end Task option from task manager. I thought first save an open document and data and Reboot the system. Every time I have tried to start Firefox and it has been hang at connecting stag. So, Every time I have to force a hard shut-down to get out of the application. I am running version 11.0 of Firefox. My system is Windows 7 Home Premium, Intel Core i3 2.4 GHz, 4 GB RAM and 64 bit OS. Any one please help me what is the problem going on with my Firefox.

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    re: Mozilla Firefox 12 hang’s at Connection Stage.

    I also have same problem with the Firefox. when I started Firefox it hangs and machine also responding slow. That kind of issues come because of some file is getting corrupted. Try to upgrade the Mozilla Firefox and see if your problem is solved. Uninstall Firefox and remove all temporary contain , clean registry, remove all contain related to Firefox and further install Firefox and restart computer. Further you are not connecting to website then check this website is not blocked in Firefox. If you are able to able to use this website than problem is further with Firefox. Are you using any kind of Firewall or Web security applications on the computer? If yes then it could be the reason behind this error. Many Firewalls and Web security applications block certain application from accessing internet. The blocked applications are generally not listed in the Web security applications trustworthy vendors, hence we have to add the applications which we use to unblock them. You can disable the entire firewall to access internet by using Firefox or You can add Firefox to the list of allowed applications so that the firewall will not block it again. And your Firefox is connecting to any website.

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