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Thread: I cannot drop song in iTunes when it connected with IPod mini.

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    I cannot drop song in iTunes when it connected with IPod mini.

    I have a Ipod mini from last few years. I love my Ipod and itís sound quality. Today when I connect my IPod to ITunes and Try to use drag and drop with it at that time it does not work. when I drop the music it creates a black circle with a line through it and of course nothing goes into my IPod. I think it is because of older version of ITunes. So, I upgrade Itunes with latest version but I didnít fix the problem. I donít know what was the problem going on with my Ipod. Please any one have solution for this problem.

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    Re: I cannot drop song in iTunes when it connected with IPod mini.

    I am also having a similar problem with ipod Classic. For some time I have suddenly loss of drag and drop of music with ITunes even cannot move a song to playlist. every-time i got a same problem and need to restart my computer to solve this problem. I am tired with this problem and waiting for a fixes. however in iTunes version 10 is also worst and same problem is there. I am having this fail once and twice every day. I am running an internet radio show from my computer and use iTunes to set up playlists. When I have this problem happen, stop all work and need to reboot to solve this problem. This is NOT an acceptable situation. I am running iTunes 10.01 on a 2.8 GHz Core i7 iMac with 8 GB of on board memory. This problem has been happening since at least version 9. However, Still no improvement is there in 10.1 version.

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    Re: I cannot drop song in iTunes when it connected with IPod mini.

    I have IPod Touch and IPhone 4 and I am also suffering with this trouble when I use drag and drop option In iTunes. I thought it is happening because having a trouble with handling a more than one device because sometime I connect Iphone and Sometime Ipod but I am wrong. This problem is on iTunes itself. I talk to my friend about this problem and get solution which is checked the Option "Manually manage Music and video". Now, when you drag and drop the songs and video and after that click on the sync button it is properly sync and transfer is done. I hope It is solve your problem.

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